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Danial AfiqKinetic Typography
by on Dec 16, 2013 at 10:20:39 am

I'm quite new to After Effects and I'm really interested in making Kinetic Typography for lyrics.
Can somebody help me do like the video in the link or at least tell me what effects this video contains?

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Chris EvansRe: Kinetic Typography
by on Dec 16, 2013 at 7:00:55 pm

It's great to see new people being interested in After Effects. Kinetic Typography is one of the funnest things to create in after effects because you can really unleash your creativity. However, it can use some of the most complicated aspects of After Effects.

After Effects is huge. Massive. However, the learning curve is equally as massive. Start with the basics. Just google "After Effects Basics" or "Tutorials". Get to know AE, then just google Kinetic Typography Tutorial.

I started here for my basics:
(It's created using an older version, but everything carries over)

Here are some great tutorials on Kinetic Typography (actually just the first 3 on youtube, but still good). Each of them shows some different ways to create it. The first one has some important keyboard shortcuts.

There are no effects or plugins to create Kinetic Typography, it's all done manually and time consumingly, but that is how all great and original content is made.

That video is a great example of the variety of things you can do with After Effects and creating Kinetic Typography, but that was all done by hand. Individually animating every single word or groups using pre-comps and/or null objects.

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Danial AfiqRe: Kinetic Typography
by on Dec 16, 2013 at 7:46:13 pm

Ok I'll watch that. 1 More question, if I'm working with a 4 minute music, and I want to play the music and the video starting at minute 3, what should I do? If I press RAM preview, it takes forever to render from the first frame, and what does Prerender do?

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Chris EvansRe: Kinetic Typography
by on Dec 16, 2013 at 8:17:06 pm

If you go to the Preview window in After effects (Usually near the top right) and check "From Current Time", it will start playing the RAM Preview from the playhead.


What I do is I just set my work area (the light grey bar with yellow/orange handles on either side at the top of your timeline) to just the part I'm working and it will only RAM Preview what is in the Work Area. Then I don't have to remember to move my time indicator to where I want it to render from. Then just move it forward as I work through the video.

Pre-rendering is the term using a proxy (usually of a pre-comp). Just google proxy in after effects and you'll find a lot of information and tutorials.

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