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How Do You Make a Music Video?

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Sinja Joisha
How Do You Make a Music Video?
on May 28, 2012 at 11:04:59 am

I rap and sell cds out of my trunk (just laugh it's fine) and I'm known by a lot of people from my city, and I want to make a video but all I got is a Samsung camera with video recording at 640x480 and I wanna make a decent music video.

I know how I want to make my video but I need a lot of things. I have AE CS4 (too cheap to upgrade) and I have a list of effects to choose from and idk how to make.

First of all every (new school) video I've seen has a really clean looking tint effect and I want to know what to use at night time? I mean like in Lil' Wayne's "The Bloc is Hot" the scene where he's lit up from a lot of light exposure and he's standing in front of a wall with bullets in it, makes him look unique. I need something like that.

I also wanna know how to do the NewBlueFX Pyscho Strobe effect, that looks mint.

10$ through paypal to anyone who can help me understand how I need to make my scenes work out for me, I have some practice at it but I don't want it to look amateur-ish at all.

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Naim Xibalba
Re: How Do You Make a Music Video?
on May 29, 2012 at 4:56:45 am

what programme do you use ?


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Jean Poole
Re: How Do You Make a Music Video?
on May 29, 2012 at 8:41:54 am

How do you make a good song?

The answers to how to make a good music video will be just as broad...

Mostly it involves work and planning though...

Your questions are already answered inside the creativecow tutorial and podcast sections if you have a look around...

And if you haven't already seen these -
scroll down, and notice how there's 120+ detailed tutorials - each of which could be used as the starting point for a music video ..

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