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Animated Logo for Film - Particular and Rotoscoping

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Joel MertzAnimated Logo for Film - Particular and Rotoscoping
by on Aug 5, 2011 at 5:32:20 pm

Hey guys, anyone have any advice for this animated logo?

The red circle was built in 3ds Max and was then brought into After Effects for post. The red circle -- or "enso" as the client calls it -- is being revealed with a mask.

Particular was used to create particles that are being born at the front of the Enso as it grows. Unfortunately, the particles are always being born in roughly the middle of the screen and it never feels like they are actually being born in a 3D space. To compensate for this, I animated the wind parameter inside of particular. I feel like it helped significantly, but maybe there is a better solution... It just feels like cheating for some reason.

I tried importing the 3ds Max camera into After Effects. I couldn't seem to make use of this camera however, because I couldn't line up anything I was creating inside of After Effects to the Max animation.

Any ideas on how to better reveal the enso or how to rock the particles? Oh ya, a crap load of different shines were put on the enso that need to be tightened up as well. I animated the source point of "shine" and used a fog .mov clip as a luma mask. You can tell that this luma mask isn't moving correctly with the Max camera either! Thanks in advance for any help everyone.

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Jon ButtryRe: Animated Logo for Film - Particular and Rotoscoping
by on Aug 9, 2011 at 4:16:30 pm

The point of reveal may be a bit to "hard", so if you animated a slightly feathered mask on the tip of the red circle as it is coming in, along with some forced motion blur just on the tip, that could work. I think speed may be the key to getting this to feel better as well. If you speed the entire circle animation up, you'll notice the reveal detail less and the motion more.

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Joel MertzRe: Animated Logo for Film - Particular and Rotoscoping
by on Aug 9, 2011 at 8:07:23 pm

Yes! Nice idea! I'm using multiple feathered masks now on the edge of where the circle is being revealed. These masks are making use of turbulent displace, various particle systems and one even uses a displacement map. I'm hoping to build up the edge of the reveal to make it more interesting and by adding in glows and "add" blend modes I aim to give the appearance that the edge is very hot.

For the shine I'm going to try and use this technique:

Thanks for your advice!
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