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Basic, but highly professional animation within footage needed

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Olly Lawer
Basic, but highly professional animation within footage needed
on Jan 22, 2011 at 1:44:41 pm


I am editing a showreel for a fish supplement supplier and will be interjecting pictures of their product within the footage. These are stills.

Trawled through all the animation templates (I am not competent enough to create my own) on Revostock and the only one that comes even close is this one: (i'm competent enough to put my own text to it at least and add a transition from the footage nicely into the animation and back).

All the others are far to quick and lack the clean, professional feel I require for this project.

Any idea's welcome :)

Olly Lawer

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Mark Suszko
Re: Basic, but highly professional animation within footage needed
on Jan 24, 2011 at 3:01:51 pm

That sample looks neat, but I'd get bored of it after the third cycle, and it doesn't seem to relate to aquariums in any way. It is hard to advise you without more detail from you about the overall look and themes.

But my first impression would be to have fun with this, and use close-up shots of those kitschy air-animated aquarium toys like deep-sea diver, clam, treasure chest, as settings for reveals of the stills. The diver has a bend-at-the waist action. You can put a styrene plastic sign board in his hands, then track the still onto the board to be revealed as he bends upright, or make it keyable and use chromakey. Same card can go inside the giant clam or the treasure chest, etc.

Another way to go would be to arrange the stills in a row, and then do a camera tracking shot of a fish swimming past each still, the camera stays with the fish and the stills go past. This could be done very simply in Apple Motion.

Another Idea: use a particle generator plug-in in Motion or AE to have a school of digital fish suddenly scatter to reveal the still that was behind them. This sounds more complicated than it might need to be: you supply one still shot of a single fish, with an alpha channel, and the particle generator mutiplies the fish into a school, and gives the individual replicas a motion. Heck, you can make the stills themselves the particles, and make them drift like fish in a tank as well, if you want. Particle generators and replicators really don't care what the source image is that you feed to them. Canned "behaviors" in Apple Motion then can be applied to make the school move and do various effects.

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