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Pursuing Motion Graphics as a Career

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Emily ScollonPursuing Motion Graphics as a Career
by on Oct 30, 2009 at 4:41:51 pm

I currently work as a mostly digital artist. I color storyboards, and have an illustration background. I started with Cinema 4d and recently started with After Effects, and love it. I think it is where I want my career to go, but would love user opinions on how to get there.

Obviously there is no blanket answer, my main question is, should i do some sort of certification program, teach myself, or get a masters degree? I'm frowning on the masters, as it costs a boat load of $$ and I'm not convinced the job would pay enough to make it worth it. Though it would be a blast and I would learn a lot (i'm not as design savvy as I would like to be, what I know is innate and through a BFA degree). Are there any online schools that are recommended?

Any comments/suggestinos are appreciated.

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Eric WoodsRe: Pursuing Motion Graphics as a Career
by on Nov 3, 2009 at 6:21:59 pm

I would agree that going the route of a Masters Degree would not benefit you. School's are a great way to learn broad Design concepts and techniques, but they lack real world application. Your best bet in trying to enter this field is a multiple part answer.
1. An internship is a very useful way to see exactly how a company works. You'll most likely not get paid, but what you will leave with will be invaluable compared to what you'll learn from paying for an extra few years of college. You will also leave with a better understanding of the workflow, business, and hierarchy of a company. The contacts you meet will be vital and so will the Resume addition. Some places require you to be in school, but not all do.
2. Networking is very important as well. More than anything show people that you are interested in what you do. In your free time find conferences, meetings, software support groups etc. There will usually be big industry names attending or speaking and at the very least you'll be surrounded by people with similiar interests that are moving up in the business at the same time as you.
3.Create Create Create... Don't let the excuse that you have no time or nothing to work on stop you from experimenting with new techniques. The first thing you should work on is the thing you've thought you were incapable of. Figure out why you can or cannot do it. Don't take on 10 minute long short films when experimenting. You will either never start it because you are too intimidated or you will start it and get bored with it after you learned what you wanted. Work on short projects with specific constraints. A perfect example is GreyScaleGorrilla's 5 second Projects.
4.Last thing: Don't listen to people that hate their job. You already have a one up on them because you are interested in yours. And don't be afraid to change the direction of your career to something you are more excited about.

Eric Woods

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Emily ScollonRe: Pursuing Motion Graphics as a Career
by on Nov 3, 2009 at 10:16:15 pm


Thanks so much for all the advice and kind words! I think the networking and going to conferences/meetings is a great idea. I realized I definitely need to get myself involved with the community because there does seem to be a large one out there for this field. Unlike illustration (which i'm in) it feels a bit more "current" if that makes any sense, so people have a bit more energy/excitement.

I dont think masters is in my future, i searched some forums and the general idea I got is i can do this with the skills i already have, and the ones i will develop! ... and create create create is sure forefront on my to do list. Hoping to even do some projects with a friend at the agency who's an art director!

I'm excited for the change, and your words certainly help to keep the "fear" away!

thanks again ~ Emily

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Anders HattneRe: Pursuing Motion Graphics as a Career
by on Nov 20, 2009 at 12:55:02 pm

take a look at this video.

There's so many resources around to learn techniques, and it's been said very often that they look at what you can do and not what you've studied. So get a reel together and make as many (useful) people as possible see it!!

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