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Cannot get Element 3D objects to follow tracked camera

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Brant Moore
Cannot get Element 3D objects to follow tracked camera
on Jun 19, 2013 at 2:31:57 am

It feels as though I have searched everywhere for the answer to this problem but just cannot find any leads.

I am using Element 3D with the 3D camera tracker inside AE and I can never get my 3D objects to follow the tracked camera perfectly.
I understand that I need a good track for this to remotely be possible.
The most recent tracked footage has an error of .37 yet the object with not stay in place.

Here's my workflow.

>Import footage Create composition etc.
>Track Camera (Tripod pan - Error of .37)
>Select Points then Create Solid & Camera
>Align Solid with ground plain and add a grid to be sure it is orientated correctly and perfectly.
>Create 3d Text and parent to grid
>Align with desired position on Grid using 4 camera views.
>Create solid apply Element.
>Edit custom layers then extrude the text.

-Note- Everything is working perfectly until this point. Both grid and 3d text layer follow tracked camera perfectly.

After this is where the problem lies.
No matter what I try I cannot seem to get the Element object to be in the same position in space as the 3d text.
I use the 4 views to get it somewhat close, but then when i move the custom viewing angle with the camera tools everything changes and things aren't right.

When i scrub through the timeline to check my progress it is obvious that the Element 3D extruded text is not following the tracked camera the way the grid and the 3d text do. It always slides out of place.

I've tried placing nulls exactly where i want the text and parenting the Element layer to it.
I've tried using the elementary script to create an anchor then manipulate the anchor placement or parenting the anchor to a null or the grid.
I've tried everything I can possibly think of.
I don't know if there's something Im missing or not doing right or what.
As stated earlier, I cannot find this question answered anywhere else. It is probably a case of incorrect wording. Regardless, I thank you for your time and hope someone can help.

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Brant Moore
Re: Cannot get Element 3D objects to follow tracked camera
on Jun 20, 2013 at 12:27:51 pm

I solved the problem with a random thought and attempt.
All I did was double the camera focal length in the camera options.

Can anyone tell me why this fixed the problem?

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