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Creating AE Clips for other projects

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Scott McCoyCreating AE Clips for other projects
by on May 17, 2013 at 7:00:00 pm

Hi. I want to create a series of small clips in AE for use in other projects. For example, I'm on a greenscreen waving, which is part of a larger video of me doing a bunch of moves. I want to take each move (wave, crossing arms, etc) and mask/keylight them, then save each short clip for use in other AE projects. However, I've never found a way to save these in their own file. They always reference the big video file. Can't I trim it down to the short clip and export or save to a new AE project and embed the video segment somehow? Otherwise, I have a ton of files all over the place.

I attempted to save as lossless video with alpha, but I get all kinds of lines in the video for some reason. It would be nice to be able to grab each clip and import it in AE projects, without keeping a hard drive full of multiple files.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Robert HeadrickRe: Creating AE Clips for other projects
by on May 17, 2013 at 7:57:55 pm

Not sure what you've tried yet, and maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're attempting to do. But if you just set the work area of your comp to surround only a small section of the video (hit "b" to set the beginning, and "n" to set the end of your work area), then when you send it to the render queue and render, the resulting file will just be that section (Command-M to send to render queue).

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Scott McCoyRe: Creating AE Clips for other projects
by on May 17, 2013 at 8:29:09 pm

I've tried many processes. The best so far is creating clips from the big video in PPro, then importing each into AE to key and save in a separate folder for each clip.

Each folder now has the AE file and a video clip.

I guess this will work, but I was hoping for a method to create a single file somehow. Like if I could save each file as a video clip, I'd have one file for each move (crossing arms, waving, thumbs-up, etc.) But AE requires the AE file plus the linked video file. If I delete or move any of these files, the AE file is ruined. That worries me to have so many little projects all linked to tons of little video clips, etc.

Best would be to combine all files and embed them in the AE file so it's one file with everything. Like embedding images in Ai, when once it's embedded it is part of the Ai file.

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Jim McAdoryRe: Creating AE Clips for other projects
by on May 18, 2013 at 1:36:34 am

I do something like what you are looking for. I have a few base VFX projects, with multiple comps per project. I simply import the base AE project(s) into my new project and I can then select anything from the base project. Importing a project is just like importing any other asset other than when you import a project you get all of it's assets and the pre-comps of the project. The imported project loads as a single asset with a folder structure that allows you access any of the base projects assets.

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