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Line up the X and Y of two series of photos?

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Joey Sullivan
Line up the X and Y of two series of photos?
on Jun 29, 2012 at 4:31:41 pm

Hello! I'm very new to Adobe After Effects CS6, so please forgive me if my questions sound a little basic. I'm using CS6 to make a time lapse video out of a series of JPGs captured from my camera (probably overkill, but its the only software of its kind that I own). Problem is, theres a visible ugliness in the middle of the time lapse when I had to change the camera's battery and card, and I accidentally bumped the camera. I did my best to line it up again in the camera, but it just wasn't perfect.

I was wondering if After Effects has a tool to shift the second set of photos to the left by a few pixels, or preferably, calculate the exact amount of shift needed by comparing to the previous series of shots? I know that I probably also moved the camera closer/further away from the subject and that would be harder to correct for, right now all I'm interested in is the vertical/horizontal shift.

And yes, I know that if I want to take a time lapse it would be ideal to just have the camera plugged straight into the computer so I didnt bump it every time it needs a battery/card change, but because I don't have the USB cable, power supply, and control software, that's not possible right now.

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chris brett
Re: Line up the X and Y of two series of photos?
on Jun 29, 2012 at 6:45:29 pm

Hi there --

-- could be an easy one depending on what you are shooting -- if you have 2 well defined points in the background such as a telegraph pole or a billboard its worth tracking the 'footage' to do a 2 point 'stabilse' which would have a fair chance of success I think ...

--- if youre not sure how to do this its worth checking out the Video Co-pilot website ( ) who have a good tutorial on tracking or of course worth Checking Andrew Devis on this site though dont remember him covering the subject ......

........... anyway --- good luck --- chris brett

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