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jon paul
The Workflow
on Apr 26, 2012 at 4:18:19 pm

Hello, fantastic forum here and in the process of doing lots of reading.

I've been in photography for a while for quite a few years now, and now in a position to pursue another desire of mine - videography and editing. I've been messing about with functions and effects of effects and happy with the challenge of that.

However, some other issues I have in general that I am trying to get my head around.

For now, I will be using a Canon 5D with latest firmware.

I have Adobe Master Suite 5.5 and Windows 7x64. Computer has 6GB Ram, Ati 5800 GFX and I7 920 CPu - Quad core. I am also investing in Trapcode and RedGiant software for added effects as well as coupel of Video Copilot things.

I will be dealing with 720P (for now) may go up to 1080P in future, but now 720P at 24fps or 25fps - whatever PAL is as I am from the UK.

However, I have read posts on here that footage straight from my camera needs to be transcoded to a more editable format. Since I have latest firmware on camera and CS5.5 do I still need to do this, or can I just simply edit the 'raw' footage?

However, the main issue is how I put shots together in the first place. I will be recording all sound through camera ( I know that's terrible, but for now will have to do ) and would like to add music to video and other sound effects.

I don't think After Effects specialises in adding sound, so maybe more so for Premier Pro? However, I am not to sure as to how to work these with each other in a logical process.

Assuming I have say a project that's 5 minutes long. I have lots of shots that need to be 'stitched' together, need effects done with colour (on all shots) and adding sound. I would imagine I 'stitch' the shots first in Premier Pro? Save/render it then open it in After Effects.

However, that would surely result in having to return to Premier Pro again to deal with sound effects that will arrise from adding effects such as fire or explosions, for example. Seems a bit long winded to do it that way.

All output will be 720P and would like it to be .MOV always.

I hope someone can assist, and I hope I have provided enough. Many thanks to anyone who can provide me with some pointers.

Thank you.

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