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Hey - regarding AE perferences

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Benel Abotbol
Hey - regarding AE perferences
on Dec 16, 2010 at 10:58:31 am

Uh hey everyone, I'm new to this site - heard about it through video copilot, ahh I love Kramer's tutorials heh :)

Anyway, my After Effects runs so slow out of a sudden, I remember like.. uh half year ago I had the same version, which is CS3, with the same computer and it was running quite fast, and fine but I don't know what happend since I reinstalled it, I'm getting those problems with those perfernces and the computer says my RAM is not enough when it is...

I've been looking for a solution, but couldn't find any and I'm just wondering if any of you could give me an advice.

New computer is not really a good idea, since I can't afford a new one, but maybe parts like hardware recommendations would be good.

Have a great day :)

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Kevin Camp
Re: Hey - regarding AE perferences
on Dec 16, 2010 at 5:07:38 pm

system specs would be good to know, particularly ram, number of cores and os (osx/win, and 32/64 bit?). also knowing what are your current memory & multiprocessing settings are would help.

before you make any changes though, i'd recommend watch the cpu levels while rendering (for win, use task manager, osx use activity monitor), that way you'll see how well your cpus are working, plus it will give you a baseline to go off of as you make changes. also, i'd try to test a few renders, not just one. and choose some that take 15 or so minutes to render (not one that renders in a min or 2).

after that, you might try resting the ae prefs -- hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift (win) or Option+Cmd+Shift (osx) while launching ae and click ok when it asks. (you could even try doing the same test render again and compare the cpu levels with the default settings).

multiprocessing is one of the best ways to improve performance. the general rule for enabling multiprocessing is to have 2gb of ram per core... so if you have 4 cores, you'd want to have at least 8gb of ram, you'll need to do the math for your system.

if you can enable that, try that test render again, and watch the cpu levels again to see where your at.

if you're cpu levels are constantly low, then you have a data bottle neck some where... you'd often look at ram first. if you don't have enough ram, you can starve the cpus for data and get low cpu performance. if the ram doesn't seem to be filling up very high (also viewable in task manager/activity monitor), then there may be a bottleneck at the drive level, where the data can't get read fast enough off the drive to get into ram as efficiently as it needs to.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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Benel Abotbol
Re: Hey - regarding AE perferences
on Dec 16, 2010 at 8:13:17 pm

Hello Kevin, and thank you very much for trying to help - I apperciate it.
My computer is dualcore, 32 bit, 1GB of RAM.
And I usually try to close programms before I run AE so it would run better.
About the CPU level, well, I don't know if we're talking about the same thing but the CPU is going up to 70-89% usage of CPU RAM when AE is on.
I tried to change something I'm not sure about, and to put AE on 'realtime' through the task manager and it helped a bit because before I've done it when I minimized AE and then got back to it, it'd be stuck for 1 minute, and then work, or sometimes just crash.

Have a great day / night.

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