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Marius Hesleskaug
Adobe Premiere + After Effects Workflow
on Oct 19, 2010 at 12:35:05 pm

I have searched the forums and the internet to get a good tutorial/how to to get good workflow between Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

The reason I ask is because there are 1000 of amazing AE tutorials out there, but they show how to make an effect on 1 clip in After Effects. How is the workflow on a longer film? (not a clip)


I come home from "location" with all my new footage. I structure and import all the footage. Start editing with some moody music in Premiere. But I want a transitions/plugin that's in After Effects for example. What's the best way to do this?

In this video for example ( ) I wanted to make some more distortion and effects on the final product, but I did not have a good workflow, so I gave up.


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Andrew Devis
Re: Adobe Premiere + After Effects Workflow
on Oct 20, 2010 at 11:07:08 am

The best way is with dynamic link assuming you have either the production premium or the master suite - otherwise you can't use dynamic link - in which case your only option is to render it out of PP and bring that in to AE which is a pain and best done on a sequence by sequence basis rather than outputting the whole thing in one go!!

If you have the production premium or master suite then in after effects you can choose File>Adobe Dynamic Link>Import Premiere Pro Sequence. Then you choose the sequence you want to work on.

However, dynamic link is 1 way only. So, you can make changes in PP which will show up in AE, but any changes you make in AE will not show up in PP and you will need to render the sequence out from AE to get both the PP and the AE changes.

You could put your final PP output sequence opened in AE and then make any changes, but this tends to be for final subtle changes rather than bigger effects. For bigger effects you tend to do this on a sequence by sequence basis.

Then, as with other projects you just nest the sequence/comps in a final output comp and render that out from AE after your final colour grading/style corrections.

Hope this helps

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Marius Hesleskaug
Re: Adobe Premiere + After Effects Workflow
on Oct 20, 2010 at 4:44:55 pm

Hello Andrew! Thanks for the fast reply! I tried "File>Adobe Dynamic Link>Import Premiere Pro Sequence" then I get a Adobe Dynamic link called "my sequence_name/myprojectname.prproj". But when I pull that down to a new comp, I don't get anything in the timeline, and everything is black. When I check the timeline it's exactly the right timecode.

I also tried importing a premiere project, then it imports every file from my sequence including the sequence itself. But still no go.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks again for your help!

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Andrew Devis
Re: Adobe Premiere + After Effects Workflow
on Oct 21, 2010 at 9:25:14 am

OK, I've just been over it again to double check. You open AE, choose File>Dynamic Link>Import Premiere Pro Sequence. Then a dialogue box opens.

You then need to navigate to the PP project on your drive, single click the project and then wait while AE figures out what's in the project and then navigate on the right hand side to the actual sequence you want to pull in to AE. Then you single click on the sequence and click OK.

This should then open a sequence in your project panel which is the same name as the sequence in PP. You then simply pull down the sequence to your empty timeline or new comp icon and it should all be there ready to go ...

You can import a PP project into AE, but as you have seen, you get the whole thing which isn't really what you want.

Another way to get dynamic link to work can be to save your sequence in PP and then drag the sequence icon to the project panel of AE. Just make sure that you save the project ... for some reason, saving is important before DL works properly.

Hope this helps. Andrew

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Joe Nolan
Re: Adobe Premiere + After Effects Workflow
on Jan 9, 2011 at 7:28:41 pm

Thanks for your post -- but it's what comes next that's driving me crazy. I am following the procedure for bringing the file into AE from PR. I then save the file, because like you said, it's a oneway street. Anyway, I actually can import the AE file back into PR, but then I can't get it onto a timeline. I can open it in the Source window, and it plays fine. But I can't drag from there or the project window down to a timeline. I thought maybe I had a framerate problem, so I opened a sequence with matching rates and no help. Even more frustrating, I have done other files like this and have had them open. Any ideas?

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