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Newbie question about workflow

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Sue Bauer
Newbie question about workflow
on Aug 4, 2010 at 8:54:42 am

Hi. I'm just learning how to use Adobe After Effects CS5 with my Premiere Pro projects. Currently I'm making a short movie promo. My basic editing in Premiere is complete. On some of the clips, I am going to add muzzle fire and on other clips a white flashback effect using AE. I found some good tutorials to learn how to do these.

Although my whole promo is only 2 minutes in duration, I would rather import just the clips I'm adding effects to into AE. How do you suggest I do that? For instance, if I have 3 clips that will get the flashback effect, should I do them one at a time or in a little group? Should I make a new sequence in Premiere to "house" these clips or do you recommend they be in a separate Premiere project?

Any other thoughts you might like to share would be greatly appreciated. I'm so new at this, I'm not even sure of the right questions to ask! :)

Thank you very much in advance.

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John Cuevas
Re: Newbie question about workflow
on Aug 4, 2010 at 2:14:38 pm

Take this with a grain of salt, I don't use Premiere but Avid(I do use it with AE a lot though).

My workflow for this is to make a new sequence for each clip I am going to bring into AE, labeled export 1, export 2.... Reasoning is that most likely the will be deleted sometime in the future(despite having terabytes of drives, it still is finite). If sometime in the future I need to go back an adjust one of those clips, I can digitize my future, go to "export 2" sequence and just make another quicktime.

As you are new to this, let me suggest to you that you when working on projects, no matter how simple you work on always organizing them in such a way that will make it easy to recreate/update them with as little pain as possible. Recently, I was asked to update a video I worked on 7 years ago, because it was organized and I had all the elements I needed to fix it and spent only 2 hours changing the video...recreating everything from scratch would of taken a day, maybe more.

There isn't a standard foolproof method of organization, find what works for you though and try to use that every for every project. Also, when you start working with others you want to make sure that if someone else has to use some of your work they can figure out what you've done and can recreate it also.

Hope this was helpful.

Johnny Cuevas, Editor

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Sue Bauer
Re: Newbie question about workflow
on Aug 6, 2010 at 9:41:53 pm

Thank you for your response, John. I am following your advice and it's a lot of work but (A) I hope to get faster someday and (B) it will pay off in the long run!

If anyone else would like to chime in, I would appreciate it.

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