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Paolo CicconeBlog: The end is near
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 2:57:11 pm

Very stressful news today of a possible merger of Adobe with Microsoft. Very stressful because I have a moral objection against MS and therefore this merger will cost me a high price. Nevertheless, if the merger will continue I will drop every bit of Adobe software. Photoshop and After Effects included. Call me radical or even stupid but at there is really no possible alternative.

I will continue using my copies of CS3 until they will become obsolete and incompatible but after that it will be time to find an alternative to those two pieces of remarkable software. The Gimp is not really an option for me, the Mac OS version is atrocious, the GUI, based on X, doesn't feel natural for a Macintosh user. So I'll start searching for an alternative.

I can swap Lightroom for Aperture. After Effects is going to be a tough one to replace. I never got into Motion and I rather learn a node-based system at this point. Suggestions are welcome.

For editing it will be FCP again, after a stint with Premiere. No biggie, I like the way Premiere handles native files but FCP is a darn good editor. I will gladly pay 10 times more for an alternative than give a single upgrade cent to Microdobe.

I invite you to do the same and send a strong message to Adobe: you merge and you die.

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Gary HazenRe: Blog: The end is near
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 3:22:30 pm

"I have a moral objection against MS" - Paul Ciccone

What has Microsoft done that Apple and Adobe hasn't already done or is planning to do in the near future?

To replace AE consider NUKE. But be prepared for a steep learning curve.

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Paolo CicconeRe: Blog: The end is near
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 3:56:42 pm

"What has Microsoft done that Apple and Adobe hasn't already done"

A lot. I have no moral objection based on the size of the company. I moved from Italy to the USA exactly because I believe in free enterprise. I have no bias against "corporate America."

My objections about Microsoft are based on their actions throughout their history and the consequences that they have on humanity. While the company has not invented one original product in all their history, they have managed to keep their users, in average, five years behind in technological innovation. They have slowed-down technological innovation and for doing this they obtained an incredible amount of money that they used to crush innovative companies like Netscape. For MS it costs less to ruin a market than to provide a competitive product. They do it all the time. With Windows 3.1 they added an artificial crash when they detected DR-DOS being used, the OS from the very company, Digital Research, that they ripped off with MS-DOS, which was "inpired" by CP/M and contained several data structures directly lifted from CP/M. The results of independent investigation about the bogus crash, caused to make users of DR-DOS switch to MS-DOS, has been reported in court. And, of course, we all know about the "MS tax" which obligates every PC maker to charge Windows royalties even if you ask for a "naked" PC. That practice, too late, was found illegal by investigation of the US government.

Apple has invented the personal computer as we know it and made the GUI as we know it. The whole company is based on new inventions. Adobe has brought us, through acquisitions, life-changing software like Photoshop and After Effects. MS has been the "me too" company, never an original idea.

I want to keep this short, you can see what MS has *not* done in their life by checking the last 30 years of computer history. I was there, I've seen it happening. Just consider these:
the PC, the spreadsheet, the hard disks, the mouse, the GUI, the Web browser, search engines, social networks, digital music.

All these things are part of our life and have changed out life. None of them have been invented by Microsoft. Still they make more money than any other company in this field. In any other branch of the free market, with the exception of American beer, this doesn't happen.

There is a lot more but this is not the place for a summary of how MS has ruined the technology market in the world, but this is why I stay out of Microsoft products, I asked my 401K management company to never invest in Microsoft, and why I will, if Adobe merges with MS, stop using their products and find suitable alternatives.

Paolo Ciccone

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Paolo CicconeRe: Blog: The end is near
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 4:09:25 pm

I just realized that my little rant was posted in this forum. I didn't quite mean to do this. I posted the message in my blog. I selected the "Relevant forum" option without knowing that it would be posted here. I thought it was just a type of "meta information"
I didn't mean to "invade" the forum and stir troubles.

Sorry for that.

Paolo Ciccone

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Gary HazenRe: The end is near
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 4:49:10 pm

For the record I'm opposed to the merger as well. I'm platform agnostic, I use Windows based PC's at work and have 2 Mac's at home. You paint an angelic picture of Apple and Adobe. If you could see past the curtain you wouldn't find any angels. Each year Apple becomes more and more like Microsoft. Adobe isn't much better. Let's not lose sight of the fact that our businesses are driven by capitalism. This leads the men in the suits to do some unsavory things. I'm not particularly fond of any of the three companies. For years I have managed to earn a respectable living using the tools they have provided, so I don't hold any ill will towards any of the companies either.

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Paolo Ciccone@Gary Hazen
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 5:42:42 pm

Hi Gary.
I don't think I painted an "angelic" picture of A and A. I'm well versed in capitalistic practices and, as I said, I have no objection to the model. As long as it maintains a modicum of moral rectitude. Adobe, Apple, Google, Borland, and others have not engaged in actions like the ones that I described related to MS, and there is a lot more about MS but that I don't think it's appropriate to post here.

My objection is about the complete lack of contribution to the advancement of technology and the predatory practices used to stop innovating companies like Digital Research, Netscape and others.

I am not platform agnostic. I think that when you buy and support a product you have to do it in good conscience. If people are not aware of the way MS conduct their business I have no issue with that.
But base on what I know, I make my decisions based on my conscience. For me it's Mac OS and Linux. That doesn't mean that I can't stay away from the MS world altogether. Unfortunately there are many people, who, for a reason or another, are using Windows and, as a software developer, I am forced to support that reality. But, when it comes to my own decisions, for my own computers that I use to run my business and my life, the choice is clear: I stay away from Microsoft software and hardware.
Plus I try to educate on the problems about MS practices.
I have a Nintendo Wii (talk about innovation), a PlayStation 3, a Nintendo DS, I will never buy an XBox, no matter what games are made for it.

Choices come with sacrifice and I have no problem with that.

Paolo Ciccone

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