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Ink dripping effect on hands?

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Wesley SheInk dripping effect on hands?
by on Apr 13, 2016 at 12:22:37 pm

HI everyone:D
So recently my class and I had an idea of making a video of us painting our campus. We are greatly influenced and inspired by this video (Coldplay - Hurts Like Heaven - YouTube)‌ and would like to see if we can do the same effect using After Effects. I did some research and found sth like this "Midas Touch" VFX - Hand Turns Into Gold - YouTube.
I therefore would like to know how can i make similar effects using after effect? How did the artist in the second video trace the whole hand and work the gold plate out in 3D? Is it possible to make ink dripping on clean hands using AE?
Thanks so much:D

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Kevin CampRe: Ink dripping effect on hands?
by on Apr 13, 2016 at 4:17:09 pm

for this particular shot, i'd first stabilize the shot, duplicate the footage and draw a mask to rotoscope around the hand (animate the mask if needed, but the hand seems pretty still), then reverse the stabilization.

here's a tutorial that describes this process:

then, on the roto'd hand, you could try adding colorama and start with one of the 'gold' palette presets from the output cycle and tweak the color cycle from there.

to wipe on the 'gold' as in the example, you could add the linear wipe effect after the colorama effect and animation the transition property to wipe it on.

Kevin Camp
Art Director

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Scott LangeRe: Ink dripping effect on hands?
by on Apr 13, 2016 at 5:03:35 pm

This is my take on it and I agree with the other gentleman's response that it was probably done using a Colorama filter. It looks to me like he/she roto-masked the hand out and then color mapped, using Colorama. The biggest trick though and why the midas hand works is really because of the placement of the highlights and shadows on the original hand. So you have to watch your lighting and you want to map to luminescence or brightness. I would also note that this is working because the hand is relatively stable and less problematic than a regular hand held cam shot. When imagining what some of your shots might be like with students painting the walls, I think realistically, you'd have to isolate very carefully the way you are going to use the effect and create the feeling that, if this is what you are going for, the effect happening consistently through out. The other "trick" would be create a lot of anticipation, showing the color about to splash on to the subjects without actually showing the effect.

Scott Lange
Burst FX

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Wesley SheRe: Ink dripping effect on hands?
by on Apr 14, 2016 at 3:14:00 pm

Thanks all for all the pro tips!
I will start playing with the colorama effect first, meanwhile a random question concerning Mr Mercury, is there a way to make Mr Mercury effect more realistic? Cus when i tried to play with it its kinda flat, white at the same time i found that i can adjust its rotation, as if its a 3d object. Is it possible to have it sliding / tripping off the hand?
Thanks so much!!!

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