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Various images shifting randmoly

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Guido OliveiraVarious images shifting randmoly
by on Aug 23, 2015 at 7:59:12 pm

Imagine a background with a lot of tiny vectorized images, and you want them to randomly shift to other images during all the video, while keeping the same position and attributes - only changing the image itself.

It's sort of the image above as a video, and for example, the Xbox controller will turn a Wii controller, the console will turn another one, and so on, all over the composition.

Of course, it's possible to do it manually, but you don't want to manually set 40 images to change from 2 to 2 seconds. This would take a whole while.

I've searched a lot on how to do this, but I couldn't find anything. The only way I can think of doing this is with an expression, which I don't know what would be.
Any thoughts?

Let me know!

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Kalle KannistoRe: Various images shifting randmoly
by on Aug 24, 2015 at 8:30:58 am

(A particle system such as Trapcode Form would be of great assistance in this.)

If you want to do this without extra plug-ins, perhaps an expression that offsets the timing of the animation randomly?

For example, a valueAtTime expression for animation keyframes connected to a random number (used as time offset) based on layer index number would do the job. You would still need 40 copies of the layer, but the expression would add the randomness to when each layer animates.

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Guido OliveiraRe: Various images shifting randmoly
by on Aug 24, 2015 at 10:42:37 pm

Hey Kalle, thanks for the help.

Actually, it's no big deal to use plugins. As long as I get the expected result, definetely I'd be looking forward to using one of them. Do you recommend any?
I was reading some tutorials about the Trapcode Form usage, and it seems to be used more like "particles only", with all shattering and stuff, because I couldn't find any tutorial that would teach how to use it with images specifically.

Regarding the expression, as I'm definetely a newbie in this AE section, although I think it would be excessive manual work when there's a plugin that can do this for us, I'd be very pleased if you wrote an example of valueAtTime expression of a image that shifts every 1 second and goes to other one in the same directory (in this case, I have 100 of them here).
I have some web programming abilities and I didn't quite understand where the location setting would take part, in this case.

Again, thanks a lot for the help.

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Kalle KannistoRe: Various images shifting randmoly
by on Aug 25, 2015 at 7:34:17 am

Trapcode Form can use footage as a custom particle and can offset the footage in time in various ways. Or split the footage into several equal pieces and use those:

So you have 100 different images that you want to morph between? That's a bit of a different issue than making numerous copies of one morph between two images. For a particle system, it would be better to have all the images in one piece of footage. (Or in one precomp.) Did you have a plan on how to morph from one image to another?

I can recommend Form for creating multiple copies from a single piece of footage, but sounds like the first question to resolve is how to get that one piece of footage put together -- unless you've solved that already.

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