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Looking for Smooth Motion Blur Time Lapse Effect

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Rob HellerLooking for Smooth Motion Blur Time Lapse Effect
by on Jul 2, 2015 at 6:30:42 pm

Hey all,

I've scoured the web trying to find how to achieve the effect that this artist has in his time-lapse drawings:

I've tried Pixel Motion Blur in AE, frame blending, you name it. Nothing even comes close to the fluidity of the hand motion while keeping the artwork static, in place, and in detail.

That artist has videos that date back to 2009 so I'm thinking he may not even be using After Effects. Does anyone know what software or plugin could be used to achieve that effect? Everything else is choppy. Thanks for the help.


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Derek BoettcherRe: Looking for Smooth Motion Blur Time Lapse Effect
by on Jul 2, 2015 at 7:37:42 pm

He may not be using effects at all but instead taking long exposure time lapse photographs. If you want to try to mimic with video, first start with low shutter speed, and the try using a multiple layers of effects, have your bottom most be untouched, next later use an echo effect with a fast delay and pixel blur, the a third with a Gaussian blur set to like 5+. The top most layers then should be changed to an overlay, add or softlight blending mode. Give that a try and play with the opacity and see how it works. Or just do long exposure time lapse photos

Derek Boettcher
Creative Management
BTH Media Group

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Kevin CampRe: Looking for Smooth Motion Blur Time Lapse Effect
by on Jul 2, 2015 at 9:29:26 pm

i wouldn't shoot time lapse at all. i'd shoot real time (and like derek says, as low a shutter speed as you can). then speed that up in after effects. this will give you more frames to work with and smoother motion blur (if you had the ability to shoot slow-mo it would be even better).

simply speeding up the real time footage and using frame blending at that point will start to get you close to your example. using time effects like echo, wide time and/or time blend to create more motion blur... i'd probably try time blend first, but it functions a little differently than you'd think, so you might look into a tutorial first.

Kevin Camp
Art Director

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Rob HellerRe: Looking for Smooth Motion Blur Time Lapse Effect
by on Jul 7, 2015 at 7:05:45 pm

Thanks for the insight. I ended up contacting a local production company to get some insight and they tipped me off to the "CC Wide Time" effect within After Effects. That's 100% what is used to get that blurred hand effect while keeping the static artwork locked in place. This works on any footage/framerate in combination with speeding it up.

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