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Trapcode Particular Disappearing Particles Problem

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Brnadon ElrodTrapcode Particular Disappearing Particles Problem
by on Feb 24, 2015 at 3:02:28 am

Hey guys,

This is my first time posting at the COW, but I have a weird issue going on inside my comp with Particular.

The particles are fine and dandy until the last frame of the layer I'm working on, they then promptly disappear. it's only one frame, but it's obvious and bothersome. This has happened to me before but I just worked around the issue, unfortunately I can't do that this time. Images below: Second to last frame of the shot with the particles, then the particles disappearing in the last frame, and the next scene the particles are back (Keep in mind, this footage is not cut up, it's one video file).

I checked, and it's not the singular camera I'm using (unfortunately, I'm doing these effects shot by shot, and it's horrifyingly time consuming, but it was a last minute add for the director).

I just find it strange that the particles disappear for one frame and then reappear in the next shot even though none of the keyframes (on the camera and particular) change.

Any thoughts?



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Walter SoykaRe: Trapcode Particular Disappearing Particles Problem
by on Feb 24, 2015 at 3:06:08 pm

How are you applying the particles? Can you show your timeline, too?

Walter Soyka
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Brnadon ElrodRe: Trapcode Particular Disappearing Particles Problem
by on Feb 24, 2015 at 10:07:18 pm

The particles are being applied on a solid layer above the footage. Here's a shot of my timeline. I've since added another camera/a duplication of the first particular layer (I've checked to make sure there was nothing in the first copy that could be causing this as well). These are the only two shots that are going to require the particle effect (note: they look like garbage right now, but I'm just trying to fix this issue before continuing on).

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