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Issues with Layer Style and Opacity?

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Kevin KershawIssues with Layer Style and Opacity?
by on Oct 7, 2014 at 3:08:08 pm

I have a white text layer overtop a red solid.

I have applied a very simple layer style, an inner shadow, to the text.

With the layer style on, if I reduce the opacity, the text becomes a murky grey/black, rather than a proper translucent white overtop the red background.

Turning off the layer style returns the text to the appropriate colour.

Does anyone know how I could keep this layer style and the animation? I need to animate the text word for word for a number of titles, so a static image is not a possibility.

(I am using After Effects CC 2014)

Inner Shadow settings:

Blend Mode: Multiply
Color: Black
Opacity: 75%
Use Global Light: Off
Angle: 0x+120,0°
Distance: 1,0
Choke: 0,0%
Size: 1,0
Noise: 0,0%


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Todd KoprivaRe: Issues with Layer Style and Opacity?
by on Oct 7, 2014 at 11:01:34 pm

Precompose the text with the layer style and adjust the opacity on the precomposition layer.

Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
After Effects quality engineering
After Effects team blog

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Kevin KershawRe: Issues with Layer Style and Opacity?
by on Oct 8, 2014 at 7:49:04 am

Hi Todd, thanks so much for the help, the only issue is that I need to do a word by word animation on the text using animators/range selectors, I assume then, this may not quite be possible with the layer style?

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Ashley EdwardsRe: Issues with Layer Style and Opacity?
by on Oct 29, 2014 at 10:17:03 am

I've been wondering this for a while. I can't seem to smoothly combine an opacity text animation using range selection and layer styles. I've tried the precomposing method but the issue is the same… the layer styles appear to 'flick' on only after the opacity reaches a certain value which looks like a mistake.

If anybody out there knows a solution to this please post...

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