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AE/Premiere Footage looks wierd

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Rich KaelinAE/Premiere Footage looks wierd
by on Jan 30, 2014 at 2:35:03 pm

I have a project that was shot on the same camera...with one caveat...The first set of footage was recorded on a nanoflash, the second set on camera. It i s a jvc hm790. I am editing in primere, I normally use FCP, but this requires a lot of AE embedding. It has some tricky keys and keylight is the best I am finding to do them. so all the green screen are linked AE comps. The footage from Nanoflash looks fine. The camera footage looks jittery. Both look fine in FCP playback. When I render the camera footage audio seems out of sync because of this jitter. It is not, I can go frame by frame and see the hits on B's and P's. Both are supposed to record XDCAM EX @ 35mbps. Does anyone know what is causing this, and better, a solution?

Rich Kaelin
Kaelin Motion Production Services
New York

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Matt DavisRe: AE/Premiere Footage looks wierd
by on Jan 30, 2014 at 5:16:02 pm

Have you ever used this camera before? Did you encounter problems?

Is there any difference in how the nanoflash and the camera record the footage? What sort of files do they output?

My blunt instrument solution to this isn't elegant, but if they work in FinalCut, then I'd say bring them into FinalCut and if you'd rather work in Premiere then export out of Final Cut into something you can work with in Premiere.

One thing: maybe bring one clip from the nanoflash along for the ride to Final Cut. Drag it down to your timeline alone first. If you get the message telling you the settings of the timeline don't match the clip agree to change the settings of the sequence to match the clip. THEN bring in your camera footage. Render if need be and export.

But that's my "I don't understand the problem but I'm tired and want to get on with working" solution. :)

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Rich KaelinRe: AE/Premiere Footage looks wierd
by on Feb 1, 2014 at 12:43:13 am

Thanks, I figured it out, so for anyone looking I'll post this. Skip to last paragraph for the quick answer.

FCP sees the clips equally, and they are both supposed to be the same codec, but there are minor differences. One, the camera records a 16 bit stereo locked audio track *(a pain when editing and lav is on A!, boom A2) NanoFlash records 2 separate mono24 bit audio tracks. There is also some difference in how QuickTime seems to see the clips, I have attached pics. Again, the 24 bit is Nano, 16 bit is camera.

The problem seems to have arose on sending to AE. I noticed the the linked comp created for the NanoFlash stuff was the clip, with audio (although I did not use the audio from comp, used original in premiere.)

The linked comp crated for the camera clips were "nested", so it essentally created 2 comps, one named "limnked comp-24" or whatever,which then contained a comp named "clipname". when I open that comp, the original clip is there, no audio at all.

So I found the clip in project, and under "Interpret Footage" the nano stuff had upper field selected, the camera stuff was set to fields off. Once I switched the camera stuff to Upper all was fine. I am a bit confused as to why AE did this, but there you have it.

Rich Kaelin
Kaelin Motion Production Services
New York

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