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Installing AE CC render-only on offline machines.

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marcus lyall
Installing AE CC render-only on offline machines.
on Jan 22, 2014 at 12:32:32 am

Before you ask, I'm already posting this on the Adobe forum too.

So... I have a number of render machines.
They are not connected to the internet. Because they are blade servers.

I want to install AE CC on them, to do network renders, using the creaky old multi-machine watch-folder technology.

Ever tried installing a CC app without being hooked up to the net?
On 10 machines?
Adobe CCP and a deployment tool.... Sound fun? No?

Does it even work? Not really. Not yet. Been trying a while.
A few of us have. It's not very fun.

Have you seen Maxon's shiny new Team Render for C4d?
Manages client machines. Doesn't need watch folders.
It's really good. You can even do preview frame rendering with a network of computers. And it installs really simply. It's really good.
Took 2 hrs to install over 10 machines, from download to renderings.
Did I say it's really good?

Can we have something like this please Adobe so we can render those really complicated things that we make that take a long time to render?


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Todd Kopriva
Re: Installing AE CC render-only on offline machines.
on Jan 22, 2014 at 1:29:35 am

If your intent is to address this to us, Adobe, why not continue the conversation on the Adobe forum, where you are already in a discussion with the one person most knowledgeable in this area? Splitting the conversation onto this forum just makes it harder to follow.

Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
After Effects quality engineering
After Effects team blog

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marcus lyall
Re: Installing AE CC render-only on offline machines.
on Jan 22, 2014 at 7:58:59 pm

Hi Todd,

I guess there's two intentions here.

One is to alert Cow people to the fact that I am talking about this on your forum.
I certainly watch this one way more than the official Adobe one.

The other is to vent a little spleen, when I'm up at 3.30 am still trying to get this working.

I'll post how I got it (mostly) working on the Adobe forum.
I'll also file a feature request for improved network rendering with Adobe.

For reference (and discussion), here's my thoughts on network rendering in less florid language.

1) AE needs a standalone Render client installer which doesn't require online activation.
Preferably a one click install. Preferably scriptable.
This is so that you can install it simply on render clients. If you have a lot of nodes, this is a massive timesaver. Makes it far more appealing to people offering rendering services too.

Otherwise you have to do what I did last night.
Hours of 'Whack-a-mole' with 10 remote desktop connections, going through various dialogue boxes.

2) Lose the watch folder thing. It's prehistoric.
3) Allow renders to be sent to a network from the render queue. A Check box in the render settings to 'send to network render'?
4) A window to monitor the render clients. So you can see that they are connected and that they are doing something.

Look. Maxon's NetRender was really poor too until this release. You needed a server to run it.
It was pretty buggy and it used the same watch folder mentality.
But when working, it was still more advanced than AE's system.
Now they have lifted their game.

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