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hand write on effect

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Emmet Reddy
hand write on effect
on Jan 7, 2014 at 1:13:18 pm

Hi all I'm on a job that involves a load supers that have to look like they write on in a fancy decorative font i know i can do it in after effects but its time consuming there uste to be a handy effect in the old live type that did the trick but thats gone does anyone know a quick way to do this is there a filter or something i could buy? thanks

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Doyle Lewis
Re: hand write on effect
on Jan 8, 2014 at 9:33:33 pm

Hey Emmet,

Ok so attached above is something I put together that can do, at least to my understanding, what you are trying to do. This is how it works. You make a new text layer in the letters comp and type a letter. You set this layer to a guide layer so that you have control of it but it doesn't show up in the above comp. Loaded underneath your guide layer is an exact duplicate of the letter you typed except it has a write on animation pre-made to it. Because of the way it is built the letter wont show up behind the guide layer until you copy the slider onto your guide text layer from the guide layer labeled accordingly. Then you use this slider called "end" to set a keyframe at value 0 where you want the write on to start and another keyframe at value 100 where you want the write on to end. Now if you go to the "render this comp" composition and ram preview, you see that letter animate its write on.


The font i used is Coronet and this project as is only works with that font. you can download it free here-

Every letter must have it's own layer

You can use your own font, but you will have to make the write on animations from scratch, but the expressions at least will have been done for you. Just unhide the layers in the "Letters" comp and you will find layers called "the letter A," "the letter B" and so on. then just change the font and adjust the mask that guides the write on. you will not be able to make these letters visible without creating a corresponding letter in a layer above

If you have two of the same letter (say it is letter "t")then unhide the layers in the "Letters" comp and find the corresponding layer (in this case the layer would be named "the letter t.") then duplicate that layer and open up the expressions. Change every instance of the layer name from just the letter to the letter space 2. (in this instance you would change things like thisComp.layer("T") to thisComp.layer("T 2") ) caps are important! Also each property with an expression only caries one instance of the layer name. I wrote it that way to try to minimize the number of changes you have to make in a single layer.

Also there is no ability for lowercase, but the expressions differentiate between upper and lower case so you can use my expressions as groundwork for building lower case capabilities.

So play around with it and see what you think. There is a bit of work to do to set up your work, but once you set it all up it is relatively procedural. let me know if you have questions. I know i didn't do a great job explaining it.

If anyone likes what I have done and has ideas to improve it please let me know what you would do. I don't know much about writing scripts, but I feel like a script could somehow solve some of the clumsier parts of the project , like the fact that every letter needs its own layer and such.

Doyle Lewis, Assistant Videographer

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Emmet Reddy
Re: hand write on effect
on Jan 13, 2014 at 12:49:49 pm

Thanks Doyle i will give your project a go, and i really appreciate the time and effort you put into it, and the detailed explanation thanks again all the best Emmet

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Elnaz Johnson
Re: hand write on effect
on Nov 1, 2015 at 7:51:08 pm

Very nice help!!!
thank you Doyle Lewis.

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