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Tracking a "custom" plane in 3D space.

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Bartosz GotyckiTracking a "custom" plane in 3D space.
by on Jan 5, 2014 at 11:49:24 pm

I want to track a a plane (something like this image). For example: stick it to a hand, then add a 3D object which would be "attached" to the hand, in AE.
I've made a simple animation of the picture slowly moving and rotating in 3D space on a black background, so I can experiment with it:

I've tried a bunch of different things in AE, but couldn't get what I wanted - a null object that not only moves, but also rotates just like the plane.
I came to conclusion that tracking an object's Z movement and 3D rotation is simply too much for AE or Mocha (as it only tracks in 2D).
I searched for other software or tutorials, but all I can find is a full 3D camera position tracking (with AE, Boujou etc) and it's not what I want.
Does anyone know what software is able to do it (and export the data to eg. a null object in AE). Or maybe there is actually a way to do it only in AE?

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Ross ShainRe: Tracking a "custom" plane in 3D space.
by on Jan 6, 2014 at 2:55:24 pm

Most 3D tracking softwares can do this. The bundled mocha AE CC will only export 2D tracking via corner pin or simple transform.

You can upgrade the bundled mocha AE to mocha AE v3 which includes a 3D Camera solver. You can export to AE and will get (5) 3d Nulls for each mocha surface (1 for each corner and center point).

mocha AE v3 (and mocha Pro v3) include this camera solve feature that can also solve moving objects.

AE CC has 3D tracking but not for moving objects. Other software for this task would be SynthEyes or PFTrack.


Ross Shain
Imagineer Systems

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Bartosz GotyckiRe: Tracking a "custom" plane in 3D space.
by on Jan 7, 2014 at 3:11:06 pm

Thank You.

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