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Workflow question for a green box project

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Roland Szentesi
Workflow question for a green box project
on Dec 27, 2013 at 6:11:03 pm

Hey guys, new here, with a question of course!

I've been doing editing and motion graphics for 3 years now and I have a project going right now that I have a hard time wrapping my head around.

A couple guys are making a green box theme ride in a hotel in Egypt, which is basically people sitting on a magic flying carpet and being filmed in two angles simultaneously (front and side). The cameras and the lights are only set up once, and from then on it's all just fixed button pushing.

The clients don't see the actual background when being filmed, they are only told by an instructor where to wave and smile (based on a reference video he is watching on a screen). Once the 2-3 minutes ride is over, they leave the room, and get the finished product on DVD the next morning, which is them riding that carpet with an animated background of famous sights around Egypt. The audio (there's going to be some sort of narration as well) and text layers can also be different languages based on the clients.

My job is making the animation and then handing it over to these guys as a template so that they can get the ride started.

So basically what I imagine right now is this:
- They film a ride, with a countdown and a bleep sound played as a sync point for the two angles
(the guys have to sync them up in premiere after the shoot, and export them with the junk before the sync point cut off)
- I make an AE project with all the animation, and two placeholder layers for the green box shots of people on the flying carpet, pre-cut with angle switches
(the guys replace the prepared footage with the placeholder one)
- I have different layers of pre-made audio for each different language, same goes for text
(you only leave the one layer active you need)
- Once it's all finished, you export the whole thing, and then replace it inside an Encore project to burn it to a DVD with a menu

Imagine if they have like 10 clients a day and they need all that stuff done for the next morning... this would be pretty complicated and time consuming for the guys, having to to do all this clicking and rendering for each client's video (not to mention I'll have to show and teach them the whole process in a foolproof way before they start the whole thing, they've never done anything like this before - they'll also have the little studio for this set up by others)

And so my question is:
What would be the most efficient workflow for preparing this template, and how would the guys spend the least amount of time and clicking to get from shooting their clients to handing the final unique DVD over? Are there any shortcuts?

Thanks in advance!

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Workflow question for a green box project
on Dec 30, 2013 at 10:05:39 pm

I suggest that you post at the COW's AE Expressions Forum and ask if someone is available to take on this task on a paid basis. There are certainly areas where automation, via scripts, is possible.

Good Luck

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