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Jamie deRooy
24p to 25i
on Nov 29, 2013 at 2:42:42 pm

I'm converting seasons of a show that we're sending overseas for broadcast. Season 1 was shot 60i and Season 2, 24p.

I've converted the Season 1 stuff through Premiere and media encoder (as to retain my distinct audio channels) and all seems fine there.

For Season 2, because it's 24p what's the best way for me to convert to 25i? Just wondering what extra steps/conversions I might need to take before the changeover to 25i.

I assume something may need to take place in AE, which is why I've posted here, let me know if it's best to post this in a different forum :)

Thanks folks!

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Kevin Camp
Re: 24p to 25i
on Nov 29, 2013 at 11:24:53 pm

if you were going to do this with ae, i'd drop your footage into a pal standard comp.

size it to fit the pal frame (layer>transform>fit comp width or fit comp height).

then set time stretch to 104.271% -- 100*25fps/23.976fps. if you have true 24fps footage, then 100*25fps/24fps = 104.167%.

you can enable frame blending (pixel motion) for the footage layer and ae will interpolate the second field data, you you can choose to render 25i without frame blending which will the appear like 25p, either option is usually aceptable... frame blending takes longer, but usually looks smoother, however, some transitions (like cuts) can create some issue (due to trying to interpolate a new frame between two frames from different scenes -- essentially you get one garbage frame)... i would probably lean towards rendering without frame blending, but it depends on the project.

note, changing the speed of the footage will cahnge the pitch of the audio slightly... many nle's will have the ability to fix the pitch and may be a better choice for this sort of thing, but in ae, that's the method i'd use.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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Dave LaRonde
Re: 24p to 25i
on Nov 30, 2013 at 9:22:35 pm

Kevin offers a way to do it in AE, but seriously, you're going to be MUCH better off doing this in hardware (E.G. Terranex) at a post house. It will be a good as you can get.

I'd imagine that's what you're aiming for.

Dave LaRonde
Promotion Producer
KGAN (CBS) & KFXA (Fox) Cedar Rapids, IA

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