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After effects ram preview and rendering times

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Oliver Stewart
After effects ram preview and rendering times
on Oct 29, 2013 at 10:27:22 pm

Hi everyone Iv recently started using after effects and love the programs ability and features but I'm experiencing extremely slow render and ram preview times. I had a duel core with 4gb of ram and was advised to upgrade as it was not powerful enough. I decide to take the jump and bought an 8 core amd fx8350 with 32gb or ram and a gtx 760 graphics card. I expected to literally not wait for rendering but it doesn't seem to be a lot better. I have messed around with so many settings and nothing seems to help. I have disabled and activated multi processing, I have adjusted ram per core, I have setup disk cache and nothing seems any different.

I understand that it depends on what files I'm rendering so I put in one 10 second hd video file and this seemed to ram preview great. I then tried to work with something more intense and it got so slow.
I decided to try a template of a slide show called curved light wall and input some pictures and text.
It seemed to take forever to work with te file on the lowest settings.

I left it to ram preview and the file stopped half way through and clicked ram preview again and a white box with no writing appeared and I couldn't do anything with after effects it just froze.

I'm pulling my hair out with this now and just need to get to the bottom of it.

Does anyone have the time to assist in this problem for me? I would love to start using this program but currently it feels it's completely unusable and it cost so much money

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Stefan Hinze
Re: After effects ram preview and rendering times
on Oct 30, 2013 at 12:47:06 pm

well, from distance i can not tell what to do, but maybe you want to take a look ath this:
or direkt:
Try goolge-translate...

Download the file, restart the computer (so it´s fresh from the start) and render it, then you have something to compare with other systems.
The things you tryed were the first things i would have told you to do.
(Multiprocessing and RAM)

I hope this is somehow helpfull!

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Oliver Stewart
Re: After effects ram preview and rendering times
on Oct 30, 2013 at 5:50:02 pm

Thankyou very much I will try this very helpful


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Re: After effects ram preview and rendering times
on Oct 30, 2013 at 11:16:29 pm

Unfortunately this could be many different possibilities. Can you take a screen shot of your Windows Task Manager performance tab when it's bogging down before it goes unresponsive? Make sure the CPU option is set to Cores/logical if Windows 8 so I can see the threading and load.

Tech Manager

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