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3D text with video as a layer

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Carlito Reyes3D text with video as a layer
by on Sep 6, 2013 at 11:36:06 pm

I am trying to create some 3d text using Element 3d but with another video layer showing at the front with different materials/extruded parts on the side. I have seen it done on youtube by setting the video layer to a custom layer in Element 3d and then setting it in the diffuse attribute but when I do this for my 3d text it repeats it across all letters, or It'll just zoom way to far in until it's a solid color. The closest I've got so far is just by putting the video layer below the 3d text layer and setting the track matte to luma but that shows it through all the 3d text rather than just the front/middle like I wanted, plus it takes all the color out of it. I hope that explains it well enough.

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mathew fullerRe: 3D text with video as a layer
by on Sep 7, 2013 at 4:21:27 am

Make 2 layers with element.

On the version u want to use as a luma matte for the video.. Take all of the be el away and make it white. Or any color really and just use it as an alpha matte.

Use a second instance of element below that for the be eled sides.

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Carlito ReyesRe: 3D text with video as a layer
by on Sep 7, 2013 at 9:41:56 am

Still can't get it to show with alpha matte. How do you mean to do it? For instance I have 1 video layer below the 2nd duplicate of the text layer with element 3d on it with just 1 bevel texture on color white, I know you said remove the bevel and just make it white but I can't seem to do that as it just disappears if element 3d is active on that layer.

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Carlito ReyesRe: 3D text with video as a layer
by on Sep 8, 2013 at 10:32:06 am

Ok I think I have maybe gotten close to what you said. I have my standard text alpha matte with the element 3d on it and a duplicate of that layer below it with element sd on plus the bevel, Only problem is it kinda looks weird, like it's not part of the same thing and it doesn't fit properly with the beveled version. Also I can't get them to follow each other so if I wanted to animate it it'd have to be tweaked alot. Please let me know if this is the right way I should be doing this. Or will I have to create an object in some other program then import it in and use a texture for the video, as was done on youtube with an imac pc?

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