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Best way of creating text that move along with the footage

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Esther Casas
Best way of creating text that move along with the footage
on May 31, 2013 at 5:48:13 pm

Hello everybody!

I am posting this because I need some advice from experts..I have a new client that will give me several footage videos (HD feature films), where the credits have been made already in a foreign language. What I get is the movie with the foreign credits in, and the clean movie without any text credits, I just need to deliver the HD movie with the new credits translated (no problem with this) but that look the same and MOVE the same way as the foreign ones.

The question I have is basically what is the best, fast and efficient way to do it, I have done tracking before and work with AE, medium level, this is a new client and I want to make sure everything works perfectly smooth and I get more work from them! This is my plan:

- In the first movie I will get, the credits are moving along with the footage. My plan is to track this text in AE and then parent the null to my new translated layer text.

- Then I export only the text (can you do that in after effects? never tried, is it like exporting an alpha and "solowing" just the text layer?), better in apple Pro Res 444?

- then in final cut I put this text together with my clean footage, and export both of them together.

Is this the best way to do this? Any advice hardly appreciated!

btw, this link shouws what could be one example of animated text that i will need to re-create:

-Also, does anybody knows a good website where I can get stock footage for text? many of this movies use some stock footage with some effects already on it..wondering if there is a good library somewhere online? to re-create some of them is hard, and we don't get their AE files, only their final movie output with text on it.


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Tayo Onabule
Re: Best way of creating text that move along with the footage
on May 31, 2013 at 7:24:51 pm

That seems pretty solid to me.

To bring the text into final cut then make sure you have alpha channel turned on in the render settings and also make sure its set to "millions of colors+" the "+" being for the alpha channel. And Pro Res 4444 should do it fine. When you bring it into FCP make sure the alpha of the text clips are set to straight.

Just one small thing, if your going to make some fancy transitions for the text to come in then it's probably easier to pre comp the text then parent it to the null object, that way you can do all the designing and editing in a separate comp, may make it easier.

Tayo Onabule
LightStorm Visuals

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Best way of creating text that move along with the footage
on Jun 1, 2013 at 1:10:57 pm

You should do all that you need to do in AE.

Drop the footage+text video into a comp and track the text - then apply the tracking data in a Null Layer. Type in your new text, place it at the appropriate time and position in the comp/timeline and Parent it to the Null.

Drop in the footage without the text and ensure that this footage matches with the 'footage+text" video. Then switch off the visibility of the footage+text layer. You are now ready to render the completed/new version.


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Esther Casas
Re: Best way of creating text that move along with the footage
on Jun 1, 2013 at 1:29:38 pm

thanks so much Roland! i guess I was thinking FCP because they told me to use their FCP software to export...but you are right, there is no need if I can do it in AE...mmm...
thank you!!

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