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Mike KonstanAdobe Bridge 5.1
by on May 28, 2013 at 12:07:31 am

I am using Adobe Bridge version 5.1 with After Effects CS5.5 on Mac OS 10.7.5.

For some reason, when I save a text animation preset as a "Favorite" in Bridge, I cannot get it to apply to a text layer in After Effects. Either it keeps placing the last effect used or else does nothing at all.

Anyone have this issue with saving Favorites in Bridge?

My current workaround seems to be using the Favorites menu pulldown to select a favorited preset effect, which then takes me to where the actual preset is stored, then I have to right click to "Place In AfterEffects" in order to apply the effect. Sure is a lot of extra steps when I should be able to just click on the Favorite.

I don't use Bridge a lot but I could have sworn that you used to be able to just click on a Favorite or drag it to your comp to apply it. What's up?

Mike Konstan
MAK Digital Media, Inc.
Orlando, Florida

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Ridley WalkerRe: Adobe Bridge 5.1
by on May 28, 2013 at 6:18:25 pm

I'm not familiar with a workflow that allows you to save an animation preset as a Favorite in Bridge. Favorites in Bridge are frequently accessed files or folders that can be stored in Bridge's Favorites Panel.

The most common method of storing animation presets is to select the animated properties in the Timeline and select "Save Animation Preset..." from the Animation menu. You can then choose where to save the preset, typically in the User Presets directory on your computer. Saved presets are accessed from the Effects and Presets panel in After Effects.

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Joseph W. BourkeRe: Adobe Bridge 5.1
by on May 29, 2013 at 11:51:22 pm

According to Adobe, it will work either from within AE, or by dragging and dropping from the Browse Animation Presets in Bridge, which you access through AE.

My workflow is always to apply the preset from within AE. Just make sure that it's a .ffx file you're dragging and dropping from Bridge.

Here's Adobe's take on it:

From reading the help file above, they talk about selecting the layer and then double-clicking the .ffx file in Bridge. Maybe drag and drop doesn't work, but I would swear that I've tried it, and it did.

Joe Bourke
Owner/Creative Director
Bourke Media

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Mike KonstanRe: Adobe Bridge 5.1
by on May 30, 2013 at 4:05:17 pm

I tried it again but the only way I could apply a preset from within Bridge was to select my layer in AE, then right-click on the preset in Bridge and choose "Place in After Effects." Just clicking on the presets themselves in Bridge or dragging them to the active layer in AE would not work. And the same went for the Favorites I recently made in Bridge. And yes, they are definitely scripts with the .ffx extension.

My usual workflow is the one you guys both use-- to save animation presets I either create myself or effects I modify from within After Effects itself. I, too, then access them via "Animation Presets" from within the "Effects & Presets" window in AE.

In this case of this project though, I had hoped to simply be able to quickly browse thru the full list of stock presets visually and to save favorites that I would later test out within the project.

As far as I know, other than accessing Bridge, there really is no other way to do that exclusively from within AE other than to go thru each preset one by one and apply it, undo and then try another. Adobe use to have a handy link to all the text presets looping on one page, so you could easily see the animation for each. But that link no longer works and now it just takes you to a page from the "manual" describing all the effects in text form.

I really thought I had been able to click or drag and drop from Bridge in the past-- maybe this is something Adobe did away with on later versions for some reason, replacing it with the "Place in After Effects" command instead.

Thank you for your help with this-- I had meant for it to be a shortcut to browse thru effects quickly though instead it has now become a small project in itself! ;-)

Mike Konstan
MAK Digital Media, Inc.
Orlando, Florida

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