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The truly terrifying thing about Adobe's Cloud Changes

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Craig Wall
The truly terrifying thing about Adobe's Cloud Changes
on May 11, 2013 at 8:33:32 pm

Think about what is going on here people! It's not just access to Adobe's tools! If you don't rise up and fight this you are their slave forever!!!

A parallel world where you had the choice to buy or rent was one thing. This is RADICALLY DIFFERENT.

Imagine a scenario where you built yourself a house...but if five years later you stopped renting THE TOOLS YOU USED...that you couldn't inhabit your house anymore. That's the same scenario here. MY WORK. MY EFFORTS. MY PERSPIRATION. MY IDEAS...But because I use Adobe's tools...I'm forever their slave to be able to access MY STUFF. MINE!

I wouldn't have the problem if they gave you the choice to rent or buy. Even if they made buying the software a bit more expensive than it is currently. But this!?!?

It's immoral and it must be STOPPED.

I have no problem with the affordability of paying $50 per month. But what if my financial picture were to change a year from now? Or in five years? If I cease to pay their toll I won't even be able to VIEW work that I've done for clients and for myself. I won't even be able to make the tiniest edit. I would be their hostage. My world would be ruled by this: "File cannot be opened."

My files...built with MY LABOR... would be in Adobe's vault...under THEIR LOCK AND KEY.

The pathway to slavery starts here! Still interested in continuing with Adobe!??

Life is full of funny particles.

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Ridley Walker
Re: The truly terrifying thing about Adobe's Cloud Changes
on May 11, 2013 at 9:20:37 pm

The moral dimension to this is interesting. What obligations (if any) exist between a software developer/marketer and its customers?

The discussion however has moved here:

There's more heat than light and the same small group of people are responsible for making the most noise. The debate has all the markings of an echo chamber. The same objections repeated over and over. Some real vitriol and few definitive answers.

I'm no fan of the CC subscription model, and according to Adobe I'm in the minority. I'm going to wait this out and see what the options are in a few months. There's no pressing need to move to CC.

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