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Problem when rendering

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Fu Manchu
Problem when rendering
on Nov 16, 2012 at 4:53:37 pm

Hi everyone,
I have a weird problem when rendering a project i am currently working on. The render starts and as soon as it starts it fills the entire progress bar in like 1 second. In the status it states Failed at 0:00:00:00:00 - it is always the first frame.
I adjusted the memory and gave the project 3 gigs of disk space to cache on the drive. Also entered the secrets settings and made it purge every 1 frame. Tried all kinds of different settings. Collected the files, purged memory, tried different formats.Reducing the length of the composition seemed to work for a bit but then when i tried it a second time it did the same bug where it doesn't even render a single frame. The error log is completely useless - it doesn't even write one if i don't set it to PLUS PER FRAME and then inside it doesn't give a specific error.

Inside the composition there are 3 compositions with a resolution of 2500x2500 - they do not contain anything more than a few text layers and a few shape layers + one .swf animation of 20 frames but they are used almost in every frame of the project ( pars of them nested in other compositions)

There are a lot of nested compositions also but i have done such projects before and didn't have any problems.
It seems to me that the project is a bit heavy since it starts to render on another machine. The other machine is using CS6 while i am using CS3. The project also contains a lot of shapes in the form of .swf files exported from Adobe Illustrator. There aren't any heavy .swf files - mostly single static frames and 1 animation of 30 frames that is nothing heavy. CS3 always used to give me weird errors when using .swf files but they were mostly RED RECTANGLES substituting some frames of the .SWF files. Can anybody recommend some solution since the project has to be given to another person and i want to be sure that it works a 100%.

Sorry for the lengthy post,
Thank you

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Kevin Camp
Re: Problem when rendering
on Nov 16, 2012 at 9:12:26 pm

my best guess at this point would be that ae is having trouble loading all the elements into ram to render the first frame (nested 2500x2500 comps are the primary influence for that thought).

try disabling multiprocessing (preferences>memory & multiprocessing, uncheck the option to render multiple frames simultaneously).

having a single process running should give ae more ram to work with.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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