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after glow while in motion-AE CS6

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nader subaihafter glow while in motion-AE CS6
by on Oct 22, 2012 at 9:38:19 am

Hi all,

I have applied the glow effect on a person in a scene and I would like him to leave a glow streak behind when flying in the scene, nothing major, but something to make the scene more realistic in the dark. Think of Flash when he moves quickly, but more focus on the glow. I do not know how. Motion blur helped but the effect was weak. Using particle system seemed complected especial that the object is large and not a simple dot, circle or box.

is there a setting or effect make the glow leave a streak when moving relatively fast?



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Kevin CampRe: after glow while in motion-AE CS6
by on Oct 22, 2012 at 1:08:22 pm

you might try the echo effect. it will blend frames before and/or after the current frame to create a heavier motino blur like effect. you can specify the number fo frames and the blending mode used to compsite those frames.

cc wide time is similar but without the blending mode options, but the blending will be more natural.

cc time blend is another, but only blends cached frames (so previous frames), but it renders very quickly. when using this effect, hit the clear cache often, and start previews from the first frame, or the cached frames will not work properly and you will get unexpected results.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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nader subaihRe: after glow while in motion-AE CS6
by on Oct 22, 2012 at 6:36:46 pm

Thanks a lot Kevin!
I have tested the 3 effects on a 2D object and echo worked for me the best. Duplicating the layer, applying echo and selecting "none" in the Glow options "composite original" and "glow operations" made only the glow of the second layer appear with the echo effect. all good so far.

When I went to apply the effect on my scene, I could not duplicate it and I was getting a different result. Mainly the echo was only a delay in other copies of the video right on top of my subject (original), despite the fact that the video layer was moving quickly in the scene . That is when I realized that the effect worked on a still object leaving copies of it self behind in 2D space, and it did not work on a video clip of my subject, which is keyed out and sits on top of another video layer for the background. Is my conclusion correct? Do I have other options?

Thanks in advance


Thanks in advance.

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