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How To Mimic 90's video look

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Martin Eriksen
How To Mimic 90's video look
on Oct 11, 2012 at 1:09:15 pm

Hi gang. I'm a film student and in one future movie I'm going to make certain video clips appear to be shot in the 90's on a average Daddy camera, that is, making it look like a Father has bought a handycam in the 90's and filmed his kids.

I know that the 90's had a very distinct look, and Im also looking for a way to mimic interlacing on a progressive-shot video!

Any thoughts/ideas?

Much thanks in advance!

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Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Re: How To Mimic 90's video look
on Oct 11, 2012 at 3:21:30 pm

I think the easiest way is to pick up a 90's model on ebay (Hi8 or even an older DV) and shoot the footage with that.
However there are a few things you can do in post.
Use Levels to crush the blacks and whites so you'll loose detail in the dark areas and blow out the lighter areas.
Saturate the colors for outdoor sunny shots, de-saturate them for low light shots.
Add grain.
Size down the footage, precomp and size up again without having the "preserve resolution" option checked to give a lower resolution feel.
If you don't have a shaky camera, add camera shake.
Use Dust and Scratches to add white spots here and there simulating dropouts.
Play with the overall color balance when the camera moves between light sources (indoor and outdoor lighting- if it passes in front of a window for example) to simulate a slow auto white balance.
I suppose that there are many other things you can do, but this should give you a start.

Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Senior VFX Artist

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Dave LaRonde
Re: How To Mimic 90's video look
on Oct 11, 2012 at 9:36:49 pm

Are you in NTSC-Land? Can you shoot at 720 60P? Shoot so you compose shots for 4x3 Action Safe.

Add the footage to a 29.97 comp, suck out a little of the color, adjust levels so the bright stuff blows out a bit. add some noise, and render in the field order of the day, which will probably be Lower Field First.

Poof! Bad-looking consumer camera video!

There's also an Old TV or Bad TV animation preset in AE that can do the trick too, but I like messing with such things myself.

Dave LaRonde
Former Sr. Promotion Producer
KCRG-TV (ABC) Cedar Rapids, IA

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