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using Motion Tracking for set extensions

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Denis Markov
using Motion Tracking for set extensions
on Oct 1, 2012 at 8:44:09 pm


I've been trying to do motion-tracking with AE for about 2 weeks now. I have viewed a LOT of tutorials about the subject, including Mocha tutorials, but still - it seems that any method i try to use with motion tracking, fails.

to be a little more specific: I've been trying to motion track panning shots, and pull a set extension on it using matte-painting with Photoshop. My problem is that i always end up getting the still-painting(that was imported to AE from PS) jittery, move a little bit, rotate a little etc. - basically anything but stay pinned to the spot i want it to be.

In this link you can see my basic type of tries and the result i always get.(I tried to use both AE built-in motion tracking and Mocha. Mocha does a better job but still the result is looking like in the link)

What i did in the link above is one of the methods i read about:

I scrolled to the last frame and added X-Spline layer and drew a 4-point rectangle on the surface -> then hit 'track backwards' and stop when the layer seemed to be getting out of the screen. I continued that way(adding layers etc.) until the end of the tracking(until the first frame).

Then i took each layer and copied the Transform data and pasted it to a corresponding null object at the exact same frame. Each layer had its own null. So the first null corresponds to the LAST third of the pan-shot and so on. Then i parented null3 to null2 and null2 to null1. Lastly i imported the layer i made in PS and then parented it to null3.
As you can see this method did not work for me.

In Mocha, I also tried to create a X-Spline layer and change the "link to track" option to none, and then link the other layers to that first layer - still it ends up looking like that!

Please help because this is driving me insane!
What am i doing wrong??

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: using Motion Tracking for set extensions
on Oct 2, 2012 at 3:57:02 am

This looks more like an object insertion exercise - the tower building that you've placed into the shot. In mocha, a single tracking spline is all that is required. What you'll want to do is to keyframe the shape of the spline, to gather a larger area as the camera pans. Keep in mind that by default mocha automatically creates keyframes. So, all you have to do is to move the points on the spline to encompass the larger area as the camera pans.


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