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Fixing Vibrating/Flickering Elements in AE

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Manuela Diaz
Fixing Vibrating/Flickering Elements in AE
on Aug 23, 2012 at 10:41:04 pm

OK, so here's the situation:

I have a promo for a website that I need to fix - some of the elements look like they're flickering/vibrating during playback, and although I've added Reduce Interlace Flicker and Motion Blur, the flicker is still there.

The comp is composed of 2 types of elements: Screen Captures (in ProRes .mov's) and PSD's.
Here's the thing: not all the screen captures/psd's are giving me trouble, just a few that have thin lines, and one psd in which the letters look like they're vibrating (even though it's text is pretty large)

Some more details:
- The elements have simple movements (either a slow pan or minimal scaling) and I've added Motion Blur & Reduce Interlace Flicker -- this has helped, but the flicker is still visible in the final export (exported as Animation file)
- I tried changing the Interpretation to lower and upper, but neither seemed to help...on the contrary, it made the image quality worse without affecting the flicker.
- I originally created the composition in 1920x1080(HD), but was then informed by the client that it needed to be 720x480(SD). When I reviewed the exported file, it looked perfectly fine at full res, but when I resized the player to a smaller view, I noticed the "vibration" she was talking about.

Anyone have any ideas as to what can help? I thought maybe the screen captures might be the issue, but some of the PSD's are having the same problem and I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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keith mcgregor
Re: Fixing Vibrating/Flickering Elements in AE
on Aug 24, 2012 at 10:18:20 pm

Without seeing what the elements look like it's really hard to tell. If you posted a screenshot for us we then can offer more help.
But anyways, if the HD comp in a SD comp looks bad then you might want to consider changing the elements slightly to get rid of the flickering. If you just look at the qt file at half size some elements are bad looking, but not when rendered at the half size, as only 100% really shows you what it looks like.
Are they strict geometric lines at an angle? Try a drop shadow or alpha blur.
Are there really thin lines? Make them a little bigger.
The screen captures are probably captured at h264 compression so they will look fuzzy anyway (see youtube tutorials on maya for example of how bad it gets) but when scaled down I imagine the text if there is any, is illegible?
If they are screen captures and psd files I would hope you wouldn't interpret them as interlaced.
Did you try bringing the HD comp into SD comp and check the preserve resolution when nested option in the HD comp? Dunno if it will help.
Sorry to not be of more help.

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