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Lightsaber effect

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Andre Jordao
Lightsaber effect
on Aug 11, 2012 at 1:30:05 am

PLEASE HELP. so i just started getting into vfx and i figured a good way to start is to make a lightsaber video. i looked at a tutorial by bouchandre on youtube and followed the masking instructions to the letter, and when it came to pre-composing my white masks so i can add color later, the saber effect(in this case its white because i haven't added color yet) just disappears. i tried rendering the whole video but when i open up the video, all of the effcts OTHER then the masks for the lightsaber(basic color correction, cinematic black bars) are seen but i just see the plastic saber i started with, and my effect is lost. how i can i fix this? i click precompose and when bouchandre did it the effect stayed, but when i did it it dissapered. please help, i've gotten really frustrated about this because im such a newbie haha.

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Vishesh Arora
Re: Lightsaber effect
on Aug 11, 2012 at 5:36:18 am

Mr. Jordao try to use Video Copilot's Light Saber Preset. Its is very easy than using mask shapes and gives you better results.

Here is the link:

Also go through the tutorial.

I am a keen learner and am very keen on pursuing a career in the animation industry. My artistic skills are mostly self-
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