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Track Matte not working AE5.5

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Amir BazrafshanTrack Matte not working AE5.5
by on Jul 9, 2012 at 10:13:05 am

i posted a couple of days ago re: having an image reflect in text and got a very helpful response from a member on this forum.

the technique (the word for word description below) includes creating a track matte from a text layer - but it is not working:

Animate your text in 3d using a camera move and not the text layer ( in other words, the text layer is still, just the camera moves). Once you're happy with it duplicate your comp in the Project panel. Open the duplicated comp. Turn the text layer off. Bring in your image (the one you want to reflect in the letters). Make the layer 3d and flip it 180 on Y axis. Take it back in Z space (you will have to tweak this according to the desired effect- the closer it is in z space the more change in reflection you'll have, the farther away- less change) and size it up to fill the frame.
Bring the two together in a master comp and duplicate the text only comp. Use that as a track matte for the reflection comp.

One important note is that the 'text' isnt strictly text. I created a gold, shiny font in photoshop and wrote my text out there and put it on a transparent background and exported it to a PNG and used that as the text element. when that didnt work, i then tried working with a PSD file instead of the PNG - that didnt work either.

I hope that this is clear(?!) - again, any help would be most appreciated.


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Brian ScottRe: Track Matte not working AE5.5
by on Jul 9, 2012 at 1:21:55 pm

If you have the "master" comp set up correctly your text layer - even though it is not text but a Photoshop file - should work fine. Make sure that there is no background in your photoshop file - you need to see the "checkerboard" behind your object. Then select the "alpha" option for the track matte of the reflection layer and make sure your matte layer is directly above your reflection comp. If this doesn't work you may need to send a few screen shots to be able to diagnose things further

Brian Scott
Image Design Productions, Inc.

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Amir BazrafshanRe: Track Matte not working AE5.5
by on Jul 9, 2012 at 7:55:49 pm

hey - thanks for this - i think i had the order of comps wrong in the master comp. a bit of shuffling around seemed to do the trick.

thanks again for the help

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