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Fixing footage 'stutters' in AE

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Tomas KempFixing footage 'stutters' in AE
by on Jul 6, 2012 at 5:58:26 pm

Hi all,
i'm not sure of the best way to describe the thing i'm attempting to fix - when shooting a live event last week on a 5dmkII on shoulder rail system 25fps, I briefly experienced a strange effect - the shot seemed to 'drop' by a tiny amount every few seconds or so, almost like the camera was physically moving a fractional amount. on the footage it appears as a very slight movement downwards for the duration of 1 frame, feeling a little like a dropped frame during playback.
as it was a fairly last minute one-camera shoot i didn't have any time to stop shooting and check out the camera, and just had to hope for the best - oddly enough the footage shot after this sequence is fine, so switching on/off the camera must have sorted it.

I've looked into sorting it out by exporting small segments and warp stabilising them in AE - this just about covers the stutter with a bit of fiddling - however even if i set the scaling to manual the segments dont seem to come out all the same size.
fairly recently upgraded to cs6 from 5.0 so quite new to warp stabilize, etc. - is there a way of just stabilizing motion on the y axis, for instance? or more rigorously controlling the variables of stabilizing to ensure they're the same over multiple clips?

all i need to do is skip the 1 frame in which the shot drops, without it looking like a skipped frame - it'll be a painstaking process to fix them all but i figure if i can sort out the most prominent ones, the others are fairly subtle. if there's a simpler way of doing please it let me know.

also if you have any idea what was going on with the camera i would be interested to know, to avoid in future.

editing on pr pro + ae cs6.

many thanks.

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Spencer TweedRe: Fixing footage 'stutters' in AE
by on Jul 6, 2012 at 6:59:47 pm

I'd probably just do it manually as your camera was handheld (and thus not so easy to track). You could use this plug-in: All you'd have to do is go in and put a marker everywhere you are running into issues, then the script will create a new frame for each marker.

It might work to change warp stabilizer from "subspace warp" to "position." What this does is keep it from trying to do crazy, complicated warps and instead just moves it up, down, left or right and nothing else.

- Spencer

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Tomas KempRe: Fixing footage 'stutters' in AE
by on Jul 7, 2012 at 2:20:49 pm

Thanks for the advice - i downloaded the script, although i can't seem to get it to work properly - if i mark a frame for restoration and apply, the script simply replaces every frame of the footage with the 1st frame... i'll see if i get any response from the creator but otherwise i'll try with the position stabiliser.

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Spencer TweedRe: Fixing footage 'stutters' in AE
by on Jul 8, 2012 at 4:48:07 am

Hmmmm... Not sure what you're running into, but I'll admit that I've only used that plug-in once.

- Spencer

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