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Correct Workflow for AVCHD 1080p60? + Slow Mo

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jose l garcia
Correct Workflow for AVCHD 1080p60? + Slow Mo
on Jun 24, 2012 at 2:56:03 pm

Hi guys, i recorded some event using an cheap sony camera that support 1080p60. i mainly shoot using that speed is for make slow motion on some parts of the footage.

Im creating an animations and third lower stuff in after effect to add to the recorded clips. In that animations i will diplay pictures, names, timer and other things like an logo rotating...

I need to make the video in 29.97 fps so can be uploaded to the web and ppl can show it in diferents resolutions 1080 and 720.

I really are a little confuced about how do it correctly.

Main questions are...

1 - I made the additional graphics using After Effects in 29.97fps. Is that right? or need to start again and make it using 60fps?
2 - i need to split the footage in like 60 small clips (5 minutes each one) and need to add the animations changing names, timer, logo. i think that will be better to first split each sequence, and then import to AE and add the graphics with names/logo/timer...
3 - The slow motion frames are from the main footage, so will be better just to do the split of the slow motion, make the slow motion using AE, and then add it to the clip (using AE of premiere)¿
4 - wich tool can i use to later convert the 1080p30 to 720 so i can create smaller files?

Well, have a lot more of questions but will be OK to start with it:)

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mathew fuller
Re: Correct Workflow for AVCHD 1080p60? + Slow Mo
on Jun 24, 2012 at 8:39:26 pm

To be honest you seem to have no understanding of framerates and resolution. Also you have no understanding of when and why you would need different frame rates on final output. The effort it would take dor someone to fix and explain all the problems you are going to have exhausts me to even think about.

Since you have no base to understand from.... I wish you luck finding someone to go through this with you for free.

My suggestion. Pre production means solving problems before you shoot not just doing it and thinking "I'll fix it in post."

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jose l garcia
Re: Correct Workflow for AVCHD 1080p60? + Slow Mo
on Jun 24, 2012 at 9:54:00 pm

yes, you are right, Will be much simply if just shoot the footage at 30fps, but i was thinking abt getting more frams to get better slow Mo.

Btw, i was thinking that the best will be split each small video from the big .mts and then add the animations and effects. But first i need to fix the shooting speed.

I was thinking that the best will be split the big files, then Fix the FPS to 29.97 at fist step and get the original ones as backup to the slow motion scenes.

Right now findind the best way to split the big files without loose quality.

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