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Continuously Rasterize, Text, Alpha Matte...and precomp !

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Emmanuel Gobert
Continuously Rasterize, Text, Alpha Matte...and precomp !
on Jun 20, 2012 at 3:23:17 pm

Hi everyone,
here is my problem.

What I want to do:
I need to have a very big text (that is to say that on the beginning of the comp, we only see parts of the letters, so it is very big!) in my comp.
In this text, I want a texture (to make it simple, a fractal noise).
I will animate each letters as if someone write this text (you know, this very popular effect !). So I need to create masks around each "parts" of the letters, so that each letters are cutted out in numerous parts... for exemple "T" is decomposed in vertical bar + the horizontal bar etc etc.... Hope I'm clear.

And of course in the final composition, I need everything animated in 3d

What I am doing :
I am creating a first precomp, called "Animated Text" : in this precomp, I cut out every letters and design my "reveal" animation. I make all elements 3d.
I am creating a second precomp called "Textured Text". In that comp I put "Animated Text",and a new layer with my texture. I use Track Matte to texture my texte, I put every layers in 3D and i check "Continuously Rasterize" for every layers. (remember, I want to use a big version of my text, so I need to turn on this option, in order not to have a dirty blury result in my final comp)
At last, I am creating a third compostion, where I put the "Textured Text" precomp, check the continuously rasterize option, I'm adding other elements, all in 3D, a cam, and I animate everything.

The result :
And it doesn't work... The text give me weird results, unless I uncheck "Continuously Rasterize" for the layer... Then the animation in 3D is good, but of course, my text layer is dirty...

Any explanations ?
Thanks in advance, I hope it's clear and forgive my english !

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Kevin Reiner
Re: Continuously Rasterize, Text, Alpha Matte...and precomp !
on Jun 20, 2012 at 5:59:10 pm

Do you have the text continuously rasterized in both the "Animated Text" precomp as well as the "Textured Text" layer and your master comp?

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Emmanuel Gobert
Re: Continuously Rasterize, Text, Alpha Matte...and precomp !
on Jun 20, 2012 at 8:00:02 pm

Hi Kevin, thank you for spending some time reading this !
Yes "continuously rasterize" is cheked in every precomp
In "Animated Text" all the text layers are, by default, continuously rasterized.
In "Textured Text", for the precomp "Animated Text", I checked the option too

Update: If i don't create a "Textured Text" precomp but if instead I "texture" my text in my main comp (that is to say, in my main comp, i have a camera, a background layer, the precomp "Animated Text", a layer with my texture which use the alpha of "animated text", all in 3D, "animated text" continuously rasterized)... then it works properly... (it works but to be honest I don't like this method too much, i'd prefer precomps....)

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Dan Fredley
Re: Continuously Rasterize, Text, Alpha Matte...and precomp !
on Jun 20, 2012 at 11:47:44 pm

It sounds like render order is your issue.

From Adobe help:

Within each raster (non-vector) layer, elements are applied in the following order: masks, effects, transformations, and layer styles. For continuously rasterized vector layers, the default rendering order is masks, followed by transformations, and then effects.

You don't want to continuously rasterize the solid layer with fractal noise otherwise it will do the 3D transform first then the 2D fractal noise effect afterwards. You could precomp the fractal noise layer, but there is no point--just turn off continuously rasterize. If you put fractal noise on a shape layer then you'll have to either precompose it or move the effect to a solid.

If you want better quality on the fractal noise it is better to create a huge precomp with huge text and a huge fractal noise layer. If you take this route, do not collapse transformations on the 3D precomp in the main 3D comp.

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Emmanuel Gobert
Re: Continuously Rasterize, Text, Alpha Matte...and precomp !
on Jun 21, 2012 at 9:10:19 pm to say that...
I am really sorry for this "false" problem....
In fact, with a ram preview, or a rendering, everything is ok...
It is just the real time display of the comp that gives me weird results....

But Dan, thank you for the tips about rendering order, it helps ! And anyway, it's better when Fractal noise is not rasterized, because if it is, it is like the noise doesn't "follow" the camera mouvement.

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