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Adobe After Effects Slows Down Sony Vegas?

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Rick Lion
Adobe After Effects Slows Down Sony Vegas?
on Jun 16, 2012 at 6:39:39 pm

I'll try to be as comprehensive as I can:D

I have both AE and Vegas installed on my computer that has around 6gbs of RAM.
I had Vegas installed a few months before AE and Vegas was running smoothly (normal previews = good speed, RAM previews = lightning fast), even with a moderate amount of fx and transitions.
Installed AE after I had learned Vegas enough.
Played around with AE and it ran as smoothly as Vegas.
Opened both AE and Vegas simultaneously one day and decided to render out a clip from AE and immediately transfer to Vegas. The render went horribly wrong (a simple side-to-side white text animation had all sorts of rainbow colors sprinkled around the text as it played). Dropped the clip on to Vegas anyways and saw the same color problem. But what really stood out was a MAJOR slow down in preview speed in Vegas (not during AE render, but after AE render). AE was still open so I decided to close that. Vegas was still running very very slowly. Decided to close Vegas and restart computer. Restart went fine and I opened Vegas again (without AE) and decided to make the same side-to-side white text animation but in Vegas. I succeeded so I started dropping .wmv/avi clips and started doing some basic editing (splitting, cropping, adding transitions, adding fx). When I tried to preview what I had (around 3-4 clips on the timeline only), I noticed a small amount of lag. When I tried a RAM preview, though, it played smoothly. I kept adding more clips for a 3-4 day project I was doing (in total about 80ish small video clips) and kept on noticing the regular preview speed slowly decreasing (not enough to hinder my work). One day I decided to open AE again (making sure to close Vegas) and do a 2nd render for a simple animation. This went smoothly and the video played out really well. But, after closing AE and opening Vegas again, I saw that the preview speed for Vegas had decreased down a notch (lagged every time it passes a fade transition or with two clips on top of each other and does not show the transition or anything really during this lag until the preview line was about 5 sec. away from what triggered the lag in the first place). At this moment I was pretty sure AE seemed very suspicious. More recently, I gave AE a third run, did some rotoscoping, but did not render out anything. I closed AE and opened Vegas. This time Vegas would lag practically every few seconds, completely hindering my work. The only method I can now preview with is with RAM preview, but even then, while the preview is loading, it takes about 3-4 min. to ram preview a 5 sec. portion with fx/transitions and about 10 sec. for a normal clip with nothing done to it. I'm pretty sure AE is the culprit but I'm not tech savvy nor an expert in video editing.

Additional details:
My computer is an HP laptop about 1 year old.
I run virus scans almost daily.

So the question is: does AE negatively impact Vegas and what can I do to fix it?

And thanks for taking the time to read about my problem.

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Todd Kopriva
Re: Adobe After Effects Slows Down Sony Vegas?
on Jun 16, 2012 at 8:53:18 pm

6GB is too little RAM to try to run two resource-intensive video applications at the same time.

If you must run them at the same time, set the RAM Reserved For Other Applications preference value high enough to give Vegas lots of RAM to work with.

Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
product manager, professional video software
After Effects team blog
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