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3D Max RPF Camera import

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Steve Waldron
3D Max RPF Camera import
on Mar 14, 2012 at 4:05:02 pm

Hi, I'm convinced I'm missing something here as Google is telling me this works fine for everyone else...

I have rendered a camera pass in 3d Max, nothing special just a smooth pan in front of a screen. I have rendered this as an .rpf sequence including Z depth, material id, object id, normal, coverage, colour and transparency.

I want to add text to this screen so I import it into AE, drag it to make a new comp then right click and keyframe assistant> RPF camera import.

This works fine and a camera is generated with key frames.

The next step I think is where I'm going wrong, I type text out and when I make it 3D is vanishes. It's being sent miles away from the camera.... which I'm guessing is not normal.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, this graphic will be reused a lot with varying text so I ideally want to just alter the text in AE without having to change the 3D Max Scene every time.
Apologies if I'm doing something really silly!


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Erik Waluska
Re: 3D Max RPF Camera import
on Mar 14, 2012 at 11:49:26 pm

It sounds like your 3DS Max camera position in your 3d scene may be far off from the default AE camera position, OR AE is just misinterpreting it that way. Check the x,y,z position of the 3DS camera that AE generates from your RPF file against a default AE camera. Also check the position of the new text layer. I would guess the text layer is right where it's supposed to be. Check the camera coordinates inside of your 3DS Max scene and see what they are there as well. You may be able to just reposition the camera in 3DS.

As a workaround, you could probably create a null in AE, make it 3D, copy/paste the camera position to the null position, parent all of your 3DS assets including the camera to the null and then type in the normal x,y,z position that a default camera would have to the null position. I haven't tried it myself but it's worth a shot.

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