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RAM PREVIEW ISSUE ... and it's NOT lack of RAM

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Tim KocherRAM PREVIEW ISSUE ... and it's NOT lack of RAM
by on Feb 29, 2012 at 10:18:44 pm


A problem (more of a major annoyance really) has recently developed for me inside AECS5.5. Many a time when I go to do a RAM preview, AE will only play a small portion of the Work Area instead of the whole thing, even though I have tons of RAM available. I have 16gb installed and this is on a paltry 640x360 res. project.

However, here is the kicker ... if I initiate the RAM preview again, it builds it and plays fine. Although sometimes I have to do this twice, for a total of three presses. Weird. I never had this problem before and am not sure what the issue is ... any clue?

Again, there is certainly enough RAM, and even if there wasn't, shouldn't it then cache do the disk since I have disk-caching enabled. (i.e. the blue-bar section.) Which reminds, I have yet to see it build anything with a blue bar.

You can see the tell-tale gaps in the green bar in attached picture that have caused the RAM preview to stop, for whatever that is worth. My Memory settings are 3GB, 2 CPU reserved, 2GB allocated per CPU (5 used) and that has not changed recently, so I don't think that is it.

Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!


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Eric SantiagoRe: RAM PREVIEW ISSUE ... and it's NOT lack of RAM
by on Feb 29, 2012 at 11:17:53 pm

This happened to me a few times on the Mac side with 32GB of ram.
Mind you I was working in HD but previewing 5 to 10 seconds shouldnt task my set-up.
Again this wasnt a common problem just one that pops up between CS4 and CS5.

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Tim KocherRe: RAM PREVIEW ISSUE ... and it's NOT lack of RAM
by on Mar 1, 2012 at 1:34:32 am

Just to be clear, you're saying it's a known bug that cropped up since CS4? (or at least know to you.)

Unfortunately this is happening to me more than a few times. It's not quite all the time, but often enough that I kind "internally cringe" whenever I reach for the Numpad-0 Key. (Well, in my case it's usually the SHIFT-0 as I have my ALT RAM preview setup to preview between the working area, which is what I normally do ... probably should change that to plain old "0" since I do it most often, eh?)

I should add that sometimes it only gets a second, or maybe a half-second in, before it stops and begins repeating that little blip it's rendered. Really weird as FREE RAM is at like 12 GIGs at the time and things are rendered (green) just beyond the little space in the timeline display. It's like it chokes on a small point and just gives up. But there is nothing "special" in those frames.

Guess it COULD be a physical issue with my keyboard. I'll test that theory out with notepad or something. Thanks for the input.


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