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CS5 Render Failure Using ProRes Footage

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Benjamin O'Brien
CS5 Render Failure Using ProRes Footage
on Dec 31, 2011 at 4:42:52 am

Hello! This website has been so helpful to me for years that I have never had to actually make a post of my own, but I am having such a difficult time figuring out this problem. I just hope that someone can help.

I'll start off by describing my hardware:
My Machine: Mac, 8GB Ram, 2.81 GHz Intel Core i5
I am using Adobe After Effects CS5
My footage Apple ProRes HQ 1080 30p (converted from h.264 shot on a T2i)

I am editing a music video and I am using a lot of layering and green screen, for which I use the Keylight 1.2 effect. I am putting the clips together in FCP and then converting each layer into Apple ProRes 422 and importing them into AE in small pieces. Each project file is only a few seconds long. My footage was shot on a T2i and I quickly learned how terrible it is to edit with h.264 footage so like I said, EVERYTHING is converted into ProRes.

Some projects render perfectly fine but every third or fourth project will consistently fail with no dialogue box to boot. At first I thought it might be Keylight, so I unchecked all of the Keylight effects and still the same problem. So then I went through and soloed each layer and I discovered that it was specifically having problems with certain footage. So I recompress the footage and/or import new source footage and still the same problem.

The footage plays perfectly in FCP, Quicktime, and will do preview renders just fine in AE. I have absolutely NO other problems with this footage in any other program that I use and there is no other signs that the footage is corrupt.

The render fails consistently after 3 frames, but sometimes after 8 frames or 16 frames.
Multiprocessing is unchecked.

Filters I am using:
MB Denoiser
MB Looks

Any ideas?

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Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Re: CS5 Render Failure Using ProRes Footage
on Dec 31, 2011 at 12:57:22 pm

Check to see if your have OpenGl on - turn off (you probably thought of that, but just in case).
My suggestion is to render sequence of files (if it crashes you can start from where it stopped without loosing the frames that were rendered) without the Glow and MB looks. Have a second render with those effects on once you complete the first pass.

Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Senior VFX Artist

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Benjamin O'Brien
Re: CS5 Render Failure Using ProRes Footage
on Dec 31, 2011 at 5:26:40 pm

I just discovered that the problem is the MB Denoiser that is failing to render! I hadn't suspected it for some reason (I was certain it had something to do with Keylight) but I think the plug-in is corrupt or something. I am trying out a new denoising filter called Neat Video that I also found on this site. Thank you so much for you response and I hope I didn't waste your time.

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