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Video Banding

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Brian Palmer
Video Banding
on Dec 23, 2011 at 10:44:06 pm


I'm getting some video banding from footage that we shot off of a tablet using the red camera. I used the noise reduction plug in that is standard in AE/CS5 but it's a very long render. It does a good job but not the best. Any suggestions or tricks to fix this would be appreciated.

It's not flicker, it's wavy banding from the tablet.


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John Cuevas
Re: Video Banding
on Dec 24, 2011 at 12:52:15 pm

When I think of video banding, it's usually when I create a gradient like in the examples here (just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing):

If the video is for HD delivery, Kevin Camp's offered a recipe that has worked well for me in the past.

as for banding, you can usually add an adjustment layer with the noise effect on it. it shouldn't take much noise (less that 5%) to hide the banding.

Roland Kahlenberg offers some notes if for web delivery.

Blurring one or more of the color channels does a better job for reducing or eliminating banding problems. Adding noise more to a comp which may be destined for Web delivery will only result in a poorer quality web version as compressors usually have a harder time compressing noise.

Use Effect>Channel Blur and increase one of the values to solve your problem. You can tell which channel needs more attention by looking at the individual color channels in the Comp Panel prior to applying Channel Blur.

Johnny Cuevas, Editor

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Michael Szalapski
Re: Video Banding
on Dec 27, 2011 at 3:35:54 pm

Excellent post, John.

In case he's not talking about banding, but instead is talking about the sort of issues that occur with refresh rates of screens. The best solution, in this case, may be to reshoot with the camera and tablet set up to avoid the screen refresh issue.
Another solution would be to track the screen and replace the image with a non-flickering one in post.

- The Great Szalam
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