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Time Lapse Sequence from 5D mkII

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Robbie Allen
Time Lapse Sequence from 5D mkII
on Oct 17, 2011 at 8:45:36 pm

I hope someone can help, this is driving me up the wall...

I have six sequences of images - small JPGs - from two different 5Dmk2's. As ever, I'm dropping the images into AFX CS5.5, scaling down to 1080p and attempting to output to ProRes 422.

However, it gets a way through and stops, doing this:

After Effects error: Photoshop file format error - unexpected end-of-file (-39). ( 45 :: 36 )

I have tried a number of things:

1. renaming. Images are saved from camera as YYMMDDHHMMSSNNNN.JPG, so I've tried changing them to 0001, 0002, etc. No difference.

2. Outputting using QT7: Open image sequence, export as framesize, ProRes 422, import to AFX. No difference

3. Examining (and removing) frames at or around errant frame number. No difference.

The only thing I can think of is: these are remote cameras and the images are being put on our servers through an internet connection. But - we have about 85 cameras that do this, and we always use this workflow, and it always works.

The inelegant workaround is using QT7 as above and dropping straight into FCP for rotation/color correction etc.

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Angelo Lorenzo
Re: Time Lapse Sequence from 5D mkII
on Oct 17, 2011 at 11:17:10 pm

I had a similar issue as you, I can't recall the exact error message but it was from a corrupted image in the sequence. The files, like in your instance, were all transferred over the internet without being wrapped in a zip file.

I found this old thread with an interesting answer. Sounds like Adobe programs are sensitive to the corrupted portion of the file if this is indeed the case:

Mac files contain two "forks" -- a data fork and a resource fork. Pc files only have a data fork, which is why they require a .psd (or whatever) to identify the filetype. In your case, it's possible that the resource fork got corrupted during a transfer, usually via internet where files are broken up into packets then re-assembled on your desktop. (That is why I advise anyone to send me files other than jpeg stuffed in Stuffit, the unstuff it. Somehow it works. Same goes for transferring fonts.). Could also be from files that were burned to CD by a lousy burner or the computer was being used for other RAM intensive programs wile the disk was burning. I've gotten a few CDs where files were incomplete or corrupted this way -- most recently from someone who admitted he bumped his laptop in a cab while the disk was burning.

"file end" errors also happen a lot on downloaded files where the download was either paused or stopped too early. Best thing is to get questionable files' layers drga/dropped into a new file before it gets woven into an animation -- or have your clients send you a friggin CD that's been verified."

Try resaving the files around the corrupted frame/failed frame into brand new jpegs created by Photoshop.

- Angelo Lorenzo

- http://FilmsFor.Us Sell your film and connect with your audience

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Robbie Allen
Re: Time Lapse Sequence from 5D mkII
on Oct 18, 2011 at 5:27:18 pm

Thanks very much for the info, Angelo. It's a workflow that we do all the time, even down to the routing hardware and 3G provider (Etisalat, Dubai), so I'm not sure why for these two cameras is should be broken and others work. Normally, if we have upload fails we get easily-viewable visual errors - and Quicktime churns these out as video files no problem.

One more thing I tried was to use QT to make reference video files, then output from FCP, but this brought back the dreaded "General Error" so I guess issue is one of a few bad files. Too many to isolate and recompress, however, so for now I'm carrying on with the 'hack' of exporting as fullsize 422 then doing the rotation/resizing required in FCP.

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Tricia Woffinden
Re: Time Lapse Sequence from 5D mkII
on Jun 9, 2014 at 10:50:48 pm

I just had this same problem when doing a time lapse too. Got that same error. I looked at the info for each of the files scrolling down and found that three or four files were much smaller than the rest of the files. ( I did this by importing them all not as a jpg sequence and looking at the info in the project window.) These frames were all screwed up when I opened them individually and needed to be reimported from the sd card or deleted from the sequence.

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