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xdcam HD422i60 clips in AE template=RENDER major issues!!!

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Anastasia Cipolla
xdcam HD422i60 clips in AE template=RENDER major issues!!!
on Sep 22, 2011 at 10:52:02 pm

Hi CC community,
thank you so much in advance for all your help and support.

I am dealing with an AE HD animation template purchased from my client in order to deliver a simple music video with green screen footage.

I am working on a macbook pro 4gb ram and the footage is XDCam 24fps.

I've been trying to optimize my work-flow with no results.

First thing I did I imported my material on fcp in order to make a selection and sync my clips with the music.

I exported my selected clips in .mov (codec XDCAM 422 HD i60) and croma-keyed in after effect. (I actually thought it would be better to transcoding them in animation codec trough mpeg streamclip, but the video came up not smooth all jumpy).

So, This template is very limited and I need to work every minute in a separate project and then export all my clips and do the final compositing in final cut again.

I said ok I'll do this way. Whatever works.
Now I am being rendering and quequing all day and my 1st minute doesn't play well.

If I export ram preview, it doesn;t start from frame 1.
If I render with render queque ( settings xdcam) it came out a huge file over 6Gb and not smooth and with no sound.
Same problem if i render queque in low res.

Please any advice, suggestion is appreaciated, thank you very much!!!

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Kevin Camp
Re: xdcam HD422i60 clips in AE template=RENDER major issues!!!
on Sep 23, 2011 at 12:30:48 pm

i think there may be a few problems with your workflow...

if your footage is 24p, then you fcp timeline should also be 24p and you would want to be exporting 24p from fcp to ae, and back again at 24p.

i wouldn't go to 60i at any point in the middle of this project, unless there is some reason you need to be working in 60i.

also, you can export a from fcp to another codec (like lossless animation) without using a separate app like streamclip... for keying i would recommend not exporting as native xdcam and choosing a codec like lossless animation, photo-jpeg (high quality settings) or prores 422.

as for rendering from after effects, you should always use the render queue rather than file>export. there are more options and you'll have better control over the final render.

as for the large file size, that is most likely due to the default render settings using lossless animation as the codec. yes it's large, but if you need an alpha channel with your keyed footage, then it's a good way to go (most other codecs will not render an alpha channel)

the missing audio is also probably due to the default render settings. in the render queue, click the underlined output module name (probably 'lossless'). at the bottom of the settings window that opens is are the audio settings, just enable audio and set the settings as needed.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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Anastasia Cipolla
Re: xdcam HD422i60 clips in AE template=RENDER major issues!!!
on Sep 24, 2011 at 6:06:12 pm

thank you for your explanation, it really makes sense.
I am too further with the project to restart all from FCP.

BUT, the good news is that with APPLE PRO RES and loseless quality in render queque I got great quality video.
Still with no sound, but I will do the finish in FCP anyway.

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