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Foundry Camera Tracker Sliding.

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Chad Nikolaus
Foundry Camera Tracker Sliding.
on Sep 21, 2011 at 2:42:14 am

Hey guys. I'm having problems with the Foundry Camera Tracker.

I'm inserting a video of a creature in to a scene, and want him to stand in one spot. The camera is moving slightly.

I track. Solve. Create scene. Pick about 3 track points (tried various ones around the scene, none worked). Create Null. Then i place my guy in the scene where i want him to be. Parent him to the newly created null. Preview.... and he slides across the ground slowly.

I don't think the actual track is sliding around, i see the points look like their solidly planted in the scene.

I've tried to set his position parameters all to 0 before parenting. After parenting. Even tried to set his position to the same as the null before parenting.

Any ideas to stop the sliding? Really hoping to get this to work, and there's got to be something i'm doing wrong. I feel like it's in the positioning for some reason. Does it matter when and where you move a character? I figure as long as the null stays put, he should too once he's set up.


Any help would make my week! =)

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Foundry Camera Tracker Sliding.
on Sep 21, 2011 at 6:15:36 am

What are your Solve Results like? Anything less than one 1 is an iffy Solve.

I find it best to select a point(s) and then create a Solid. Then I remove Parenting from the Solid and drop in my Insert Object and make it a 3D layer. I then copy the Rotation/Orientation + Position values from the Solid and paste it onto my Insert Object.

If your Insert Object is still sliding then it looks like your Solve isn't good enough.

One other common issue is futzing too much and screwing up the Solve. This happens when all looks good, ie a Solve that is less than 1 and your Insert Object sticks out perfectly like a Kardashian butt BUT then you start moving it about, not taking into account where it relative to the camera and you inadvertently move into a new position that creates parallax based on where it should be.

Where is should be should create no parallax but with camera moves abound, and you move a layer closer or further from the camera, you will introduce parallax and under most circumstances, your track will not stick to where it is supposed to be.

It's very important to move your Insert Object judiciously. In practice, without much experience, it's impossible to tell if a new position will put things off. If practice, even with experience, it's impossible to tell if a new position will put things off - simply due to the complexity of the scene, camera orientation + moves plus layer orientation and moves.



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