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Getting the Best out of Mulit Processing

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Raine VivianGetting the Best out of Mulit Processing
by on Sep 15, 2011 at 7:40:11 pm

So I recently got a new laptop (an Asus G74sx) which has a quad i7 core, and currently 8 gigs of RAM.

Every time turn on the multi-frame processing, after effects (CS5.5) seems to have a really read time with it. Most of the time I just have to turn it off. Any suggestions on settings? (for some reason it says I have 8 cores installed) Here is what I have it set to now:

CPU's reserved for other applications: 1
RAM allocation per background CPU: 2GB
Actual CPU that will be used: 2

Any ideas? Thanks guys!

-Raine Vivian

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Walter SoykaRe: Getting the Best out of Mulit Processing
by on Sep 15, 2011 at 7:46:52 pm

Your i7 has a feature called hyperthreading, which creates 2 virtual cores for each physical core in your machine.

AE needs a lot of RAM for multiprocessing. Each render instance (number of CPUs/cores used) requires its own, and I still use 2-4 GB per core as my rule of thumb, plus a decent amount of RAM for system overhead. If you don't have enough RAM, multiprocessing will actually render slower than non-multiprocessing.

To use 4 cores, I'd recommend having 16 GB of RAM.

If you can add RAM to your machine, that will improve your multiprocessing significantly. If not, you should probably leave it off.

Walter Soyka
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Michael SzalapskiRe: Getting the Best out of Mulit Processing
by on Sep 15, 2011 at 8:32:09 pm

I'm with Walter, you're on the edge of being able to use Multi Processing. You will have to try a bit of tweaking to see if you can get it to work. Perhaps this post will give you some ideas on where to start. [Link] Don't forget to check the thread linked in it. Tons of people with various setups posting their findings.

- The Great Szalam
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Raine VivianRe: Getting the Best out of Mulit Processing
by on Sep 15, 2011 at 9:42:26 pm

Yeah, I was thinking about upgrading to 16 gigs. Okay great, thank you guy for your input. I really appreciate it. I'll try and remember to update this post when I get more Ram. Thanks again.

-Raine Vivian

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