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Is there a way to feather Mocha shapes?

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Kyle Aho
Is there a way to feather Mocha shapes?
on Aug 23, 2011 at 1:16:14 am

I've copied Mocha shape data into an AE project to create a mask on an adjustment layer and I need to feather the edges. Since the Mocha shape data isn't a traditional layer mask, I don't know how to do this.

I've tried adding a glow and a blur to the adjustment layer with the Mocha shape data, but it simply applies the glow or blur inside the mask created by the Mocha shape data, resulting in a sharp cut out of a blurry image.

Anyone know how to do this?


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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Is there a way to feather Mocha shapes?
on Aug 23, 2011 at 2:01:52 am

There are actually 2 ways to get Mocha Shapes into AE.
1) Export Shape Data within Mocha followed by a paste (CTRL+V) on a layer in AE
2) Export Shape Data from Mocha followed by selecting "Paste Mocha Mask" from the Edit Menu

The latter creates AE mask shapes while the former uses the Mocha Shape plugin.

WIth mask shapes in AE, as you already know, you can feather and keyframe your mask's edges. However, the feather affects all vertices along the mask equally. This may be debilitating should you want one or more vertices to have a different amount of feather.

For more control over the feather amount, you should use Mocha's Edge Property. You do this within Mocha. You select one or more points and set an edge width. This value can be keyframed on a per vertex basis.

Of course for this to work, you will need to use option 1 in the first para above.


Intensive AE & Mocha Training in Asia.

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Stephen Etchie
Re: Is there a way to feather Mocha shapes?
on Apr 14, 2012 at 3:21:57 am

This is exactly what I needed! I never thought I would need to know something so specific and come across the exact answer with one google search! Thanks Roland!

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Michael Gyori
Re: Is there a way to feather Mocha shapes?
on Jul 27, 2015 at 5:30:01 pm

4 years later there doesn't seem to be a "Paste Mocha Mask" in After Effects. I can CTRL Paste the shape data into AE and it appears a layer under effects.

I also can't see any way to edit the feather of a layer pasted into AE from Mocha (shape data in clipboard). Can someone direct me to the correct settings in AE CC 2014+?

Also, if my tracking data has many key frames in Mocha, I can't figure out a way to change the edge data for all keyframes. I'd have to manually change it for each keyframe.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Ross Shain
Re: Is there a way to feather Mocha shapes?
on Jul 28, 2015 at 6:52:41 pm

If you are running Adobe AE CC 2014, than "paste mocha mask" is an option found under the edit menu.

If you have a mocha mask copied to your clip board, there are 2 options to paste into AE:

1. Simply paste and it will apply as an effect
2. go to Edit?paste mocha mask and the mocha shape is converted into an AE mask layer

Ross Shain
Imagineer Systems

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