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Blurry Panel

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Marc NiborBlurry Panel
by on Jun 25, 2011 at 6:04:56 pm


(starting with a brief explanation of what i am doing - if you want to go straight to the question you can skip this)

I need to put some text above a series of images which are animated (scale, position rotation) - basically a slideshow.

most of the time the text is too hard to read because of the underlaying background. i am trying to make the text easy to read but at the same time interfere a less as possible with the background images. - i am trying to avoid the use of a textpanel or lower thirds.

I had in mind to just blur everything below the text. - so the colors will still be there but due to the lack of detail the text will be easy readable.

So here' the question:
how can I blur everything under (all layers below) a certain section of my movie? so that anything that moves below this section will be blurred. each layer above should stay untouched. (the blurry section should have soft borders)

plus - does anyone have a different idea or a suggestion how i could accomplish what i am trying to accomplish in this project?
....making a slideshow with scaling-panning images and use text that can be read easy, but without the use of a classic panel or lower thirds.

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Bill WilliamsRe: Blurry Panel
by on Jun 25, 2011 at 6:45:47 pm

Hey Marc,

I would put an adjustment layer below the layers you don't want to blur, and apply a fast blur to it. If you only need a specific section blurred, use a mask on the adjustment layer and feather it's edge.

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Marc NiborRe: Blurry Panel
by on Jun 25, 2011 at 7:07:59 pm

Thanks alot Bill. This is exactly what I was looking for.

If anyone has yet another idea about how to make text on top of images easy readable without the use of a plain panel then please let me know or post a link to an example.

thank you guys

sorry,... just ran into one more problem whcih i forgot to mention earlier.
if i use white text for example and a plain white area moves under the text, it obviously becomes "invisible".
i don't want to use a stroke on the text.... but i remember seeing something where the text somehow "changes color" depending on what's below it. somehow like the brighter area below it is, the darker it becomes and the other way around...

but i dont remember how to do this... does anyone know what I mean?

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Bill WilliamsRe: Blurry Panel
by on Jun 25, 2011 at 7:24:57 pm

Would a simple drop shadow work? Effects/Perspective/Drop Shadow

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Marc NiborRe: Blurry Panel
by on Jun 25, 2011 at 7:51:33 pm

A drop shadow would work of course... but it's not exactly the look i'm after.

something similar to the one i described is if you use an overlay blending mode on a text layer above the image...
but this also only works in a few cases and depends very much on the underlaying colors. - i am looking for an effect that is somehow similar, but arrures the readablilty of the text - no matter what color is beneath it.

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